Want to share multiple photos or videos or the combination of both in a single post. Now the feature is came into live with the Instagram new update. It finally rolled out the awaited feature of sharing multiple videos and photos in a single post.

The number is limited to 10. So, you can upload 10 photos at a time which is easy for your followers to swipe through all photos and videos in one place.

The update about showing a new icon which will let you select multiple photos and videos will be rolled out soon. You have the chance to change the order after selecting the photos and videos.  Filters can apply to these pictures either individually or in a batch.

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This feature has been available for advertisers, but this is the first time becoming accessible to the public. To access this feature, you have to press the new icon on the bottom right of the image and then select up to 10. To change the order of the image, you have to tap and hold on the image.

Your followers will be able to swipe the carousels from side to side. Instagram is limiting the photos to a single caption and square aspect ratios for now.

Instagram said in a blog post, “In feed, you’ll see blue dots at the bottom of these posts to let you know you can swipe to see more. You can like and comment on them just like a regular post.”

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Instagram album feature is quite useful for many users. People can send 10 images or videos of single topic. If you are a food blogger you can share 10 recipes in a single post, fashion blogger can send step by step process with images in a single post. This update is available for iOS and Android.


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