Are you ready to stream videos in more realistic and natural way on YouTube!!!Google-owned YouTube now revealed it officially supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) videos from 7th November 2016. This means now you can see a blast of viewing videos with more clarity than ever on supported devices like Chromecast Ultra and 4K HDR TVs and soon on Samsung SUHD and UHD TVs.

What does HDR mean?

As mentioned above, HDR abbreviates as High Dynamic Range. It is the technology mainly, improves the video image quality by expanding of colour palette and contrast ratio. The result of these videos is more realistic and natural with plenty of richer colours, brighter whites, deeper blacks and detail of dark and shadow scenes.

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HDR is all of the creativity, and it is especially useful for the things like sunset, high colour, and high contrast scenes. This HDR Videos format is consider as the next step of HD videos. Lots are happening in HDR world now from streaming services to gaming you can experience a lot of colour and image quality now. In other words, starting now, you can play YouTube videos in HDR on supported devices.

YouTube HDR Video

The company claims that through these HDR videos, people can have higher contrast, more precise details, and better clarity and vibrancy videos. The High Dynamic Range videos simply unlock the most spectacular image quality that we have ever streamed.

If you are using device that doesn’t support HDR videos, don’t worry you can still view the videos in standard dynamic range. Starting from today, any creator can upload their HDR videos to YouTube. From Time being, Google is promoting the playlist of HDR Videos made by the YouTube creators.

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The Sony’s new PS (PlayStation) 4 and Google’s Chromecast Ultra are the new outputs of HDR. You can watch HDR videos only on the HDR compatible display. Now all the companies will start selling their products with the support of HDR, the future streaming technology.


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