Republican Party Candidate Donald Trump Wins in US Elections 2016

Finally, the battle ends between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton in US Elections 2016. The entire world is waiting to know who will become US President in US Presidential Elections 2016. Finally, the result is here. Republican Party member Donald Trump won in US Elections 2016.

Right now, Republican Party Presidential member Donald Trump has won 244 seats with more than 54,552,832 votes (48.3%), and Hilary Clinton won 215 positions with 53, 193, 249 votes (47.1%).

DonaldTrump Vs Hillary Clinton: Who will be the Next President of USA ?

Supporters are Hilary Clinton is in confusion state after watching the US Election polls 2016. Everyone expected that Hilary would be the US President for this time but unexpectedly Donald Trump shocked everyone with polls. Even Trump got the majority of votes in crucial states.


Earlier US Elections Exit Polls Survey gave reports for Hilary, but Trump changed the situation. However, Hilary Trump has reached closer to magic figure with 244 seats. On the flip side, Republican Party members are doing celebrations over Trump win.
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