UBER App Big Plans for India: New Features in It's App

UBER wants to expand its operations massively in India. They are planning to introduce India-centric features in the country. They have rolled out the new app which has new features like calendar integration, people search and advance booking which will be launched in few more days.

Prabhajeet Singh head at the strategy planning said: “UBER in India is coming with exclusive features to give amazing experience for Indians.” He stated that they had introduced the new features by based on customer’s feedback.

They have taken the customer feedback in two ways. First of all, they collected from the ground rider studies, where their engineers were watching rides in action and discussing with officials for feedback. The second one is analyzing passenger behavior from the app and finally, getting feedback from our driver partners.

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The new UBER app loads 50% faster than the old one. In this new app, you can see the option of ‘where to.’ At previous version estimated price cost of UBER has shown separately, now it will be displayed one after another at the bottom.

Also, another feature adds to it which dial a UBER that allows users to book cabs via the web page. Users can experience the option of ETA it means Estimated Time of Arrival, by this option they can send the message to their relatives or friends about their destination and expected time to reach. There is also an ‘SOS’ option in the app by that rider can reach either through PCR or our 24×7 help center in the emergency.

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Prabhajeet Singh said it could book rides directly via your phonebook. Their main idea is getting to people instead of getting to a destination. People use UBER app to get to places, but often it is about getting to people. He also said they want just to identify who do users need to meet. Customers don’t need to know their location at that point in time and via two-way communication

At present UBER is getting the huge response from the people. Soon they are coming with new features to provide services for the people.

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