Hacking has become one of the biggest problems that the world is facing nowadays, and some millions of Android users are suffering for these cyber-attacks. Hackers have gained more than 1.3 million Google accounts, emails, photos, documents and much more.

Hackers are infecting Android phones by using illegitimate apps and once the user download that applications and the result are that their information is hacked. The computer researchers at Check point, a cyber-security firm has announced and also on Wednesday Google has also confirmed.

The hackers are managed to steal the digital tokens which give them access to Google services like person’s personal information, email and photos, etc. The massive hacks are appeared to be a criminal enrichment scheme.

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All the infected Android smartphones are beginning to install other legitimate Android applications. So all the smartphone users are advised to download the applications from their respective Apple Stores and Android stores. Google has already removed the malicious apps from the official stores that have a benefit of rating conspiracy.

The malware also installs the malicious advertising software and Google says that it had blocked 15,000 versions of the cyber-attack. According to Check Point researchers, another 13,000 devices are getting infected and are breached daily. And the researchers named this cyber-attack as Gooligan.

The Check Point has set up a new website namely Gooligan.CheckPoint.com. Through this website, people can check whether their devices are hacked or not. In addition to this, Android users can also check whether they have downloaded legitimate versions of any apps.

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“Not surprisingly, malware, spread in unofficial markets, can create real damage,” said Zuk Avraham, the founder of another cybersecurity firm, Zimperium. Google has mentioned that the users should avoid downloading the apps outside of Google Play on Wednesday.


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