Mumbai Girl Saved Uber Driver Career

A Mumbai girl shows her courage to save a cab driver career. This incident has happened in City of Seven Islands. A girl named Himani Jain has taken the uber cab to return home from office, she has taken with uber pool and traveling with a lady who is in the late thirties.

As they are continuing their journey suddenly, the woman starts arguing with that driver about the drop, but the driver said politely he would drop according to the destination fixed in the app. The lady started arguing with that driver in abusing language.

She asked Himani to join her for giving police complaint against him. But Himani said there is no mistake of the driver in this issue, by hearing that words that lady got the temper and start scolding Himani also.

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So driver stopped the car and said sorry to Himani Jain for the inconvenience occurred and asked her to go by another cab. At that time people and security police have gathered around the car and inquired what has happened.

Both cab driver and that lady dial 100 for help. In meanwhile Himani also gave her number to security police to contact if they need any help, but the lady security police asked her to attend police station along with two people.

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Around at 9 pm Himani Jain has visited the police station with courage and explained the situation happened and proved the police that driver is innocent in the issue. Finally, Mumbai police understand the issue and recognized driver as acquitted. The brave step of a girl saves the Life of a driver


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