We often read about the success stories of different people getting a high package from various esteemed companies. A million dollar question follows us what makes them capable for those jobs with high pay scales. The knowledge, qualification, Institute and the attitude of the candidate play key role in getting that job. There are several companies and government organizations out there ready to pay good package to the deserving one.

A profitable job is s desire for each and every individual. Although the U.S. economy remains stagnant, India’s Information Technology sector continues to grow. It is also regarded as the biggest private sector employer with more than 10 million employees across the country.

Computer scientists in India have increased by 20 percent in the past 5 years with the demand for degree holders in this field. Here we provide you few of the top listing best IT courses for Job.

IT Architect:

The information technology architect applies IT resources to meet precise business requirements. The Job requires a high degree in technical expertise along with business understanding. An IT architect decides which IT investments will yield the best return considering hard costs and productivity benefits. Achieving this job requires a high technical skill in planning, implementing, and managing IT infrastructure and information software.

Big Data analysis:

Big data or data science, finds insight and wisdom in the huge amounts of data collected continuously about business operations, transactions, communications, and so forth. The job combines equal prominence of managing and handling the data on mathematical tools and models to seem right of what it contains and what it has to say.

Disciplines such as data mining become important in this arena, as the data sphere is growing fast and alarming so essential for business success. This is another major area for IT professionals who seek opportunity for something substantial and valuable.

Business Analyst:

Business analysts can be referred as ‘the bridge’ between the troubles within the firm and the solution to fixing them. This superior level job deals with working within an organization, identifying areas to be improved or to get updated. The main task lies in finding solutions for problems using computers to perform intensive research and deep analysis. This involves inventing new systems or revamping existing areas of the business, like payment, stock control or dispatching processes.

Database Administration:

A database administrator is responsible for the performance, security, and integrity of a database. Planning and development of the database are also included in the database administrator job.This arm of the database business focuses more on mainstream SQL-oriented database engines and related tools and platforms rather than other alternatives like MongDB or Hadoop. There’s still plenty of stress on business intelligence, data warehousing, data mining, and analytics of all kinds. MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server tend to be the leaders in this region of the IT skills landscape.

Cloud engineer:

A greater number of migrations to the cloud are observed in Companies. As a result, Cloud providers go on growing their operations to hold up more and more workloads. A cloud Engineer is an IT professional who works on any technological duties associated with cloud computing. The duties also include designing, planning, maintenance, management, and support.

The cloud engineer position may be placed in multiple roles which include cloud architect, cloud security engineer, cloud software engineer, cloud network engineer and cloud systems engineer.

Web developer:

A web developer is a programmer specialized or specifically engaged in the developing World Wide Web applications. A web developer is familiar with how to build a website from the bottom to up. They can create custom code to house unique needs by developing every needed thing right from site layout to functions and features on the web page.

A web developer is usually assigned to build a website from the ground up. A developer focus on setting up the back end of a site, adding style and functionality of the site. The advantage of building a website from the ground up is that you can create something original which serves your specific needs.

Software Developer:

This is possibly the busiest and most specialized of the technical skills. A software developer at all levels needs to be aware of basic principles of development and be up to date with all the major development philosophies. The job mainly requires the ability to work within the frame, toolsets, and theories in use in their existing or prospective workplaces.

There are several development areas with many notable sub-disciplines beyond that. The most popular software development areas in the workplace include the web and mobile development. Reports revealed that in addition to software engineering, specific experience with Python programming language, RESTful architectures, and the Git version control system are incredibly in-demand right now.


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