Twitter is planning to replace the “Moments” tab with “Explore” tab for the mobile version. Though this is in the beta version, the users of iOS and Android versions are experiencing the new look.

In a bid to make the search in the mobile app more efficient, Twitter has taken the process of changing the icon along with its functioning. Though there might be no much impact as changing the name, it surely will be more meaningful than the early tab name.

At first, Twitter had a “Discover” tab option at the center in the line bottom of its navigation line. It was replaced as “Moments.” And now it is again replaced with “Explore.”

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The functionality of Discover tab was to mainly find new accounts to follow and track the most viewed news. Moments, as the name suggests, has the daily moments and standard collections.

Now, the Explore will have the combination facilities and functionalities of discovery and moments.

Once, testing phase is passed, the news update will include the tab in full pledged manner. Though Twitter sources say that the Explore will be outside of room provided till date. The standard timeline is the search that was conducted till date. But now it is expected that this confined boundary might be erased off with Explore tab. There is no official announcement as such.

Twitter Moments Enables Users to Create Their Own Moments

On the other hand, it is still in pending regarding the sale of Twitter.  It is heard that Sales force is in front for the bids. Google has stepped back in the process. Hence there are more chances for the giant company

To boost up, the live streaming of the biggest debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has been successfully taken up by Twitter. Two debates so far have fetched good results for the news tweeter.


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