twitter 360 degree live video

Twitter 360 degree live video has launched. They discovered a new way to see what is going on the Twitter. From today on wards users of Twitter can check out the live and interactive 360 degrees and explore what is happening around the world.

Users will able to get an inside look with well know personalities and go behind the scenes at exclusive events.

The first Twitter 360 degree live video has posted by Alexa Pettitt by showing a Florida sunset. Earlier Facebook also started 360 degree live video which requires a set of the camera to capture surroundings. Twitter said they are testing 360 broadcasts “with a small group of partners,” and will be rolling out the feature more broadly in the coming weeks.

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It also said if a video marked with Twitter 360 degree live video badge then you can interact with that video to change what you see by moving your phone or swiping the screen when watching the live screen.

The company also mentioned users could watch live on both Twitter and periscope, but only selected people can view through the periscope.

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It already introduced the auto play periscope video on its platform and integrated live streaming services into the mobile apps with the live button. So users don’t need to install periscope app on your phone to utilize 360-degree video feature which is officially made for regular users.

By this 360 degree you can watch the surroundings in every direction which is recorded at the same time, Live is available now on Twitter so users can check out the live now.


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