Facebook Faces Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Facebook has slapped with a racial discrimination lawsuit for allegedly not responding to the repeated complaints by the two black employees.

As per the reports of the officials, “the suit, filed on Tuesday in US District Court for the Northern District of California, alleges Facebook allowed retaliation against the employees reporting discrimination to fester and continue at the facility despite their continued complaints.”

The black employees, Robert Baron Duffy, a former Facebook employee and Robert Louis Gray, the current employee has reported that the facility manager used racial slurs while referring the black employees. They have also stated that they are paying less than other employees.

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“Facebook didn’t respond appropriately to alleged discrimination at the North Carolina facility, which the plaintiffs say took place over a three-year period,” said Sonya Smallets, a lawyer at San Francisco-based Minnis & Smallets who is representing Duffy and Gary.

However, one of the Facebook officials has stated that these complaints as ‘claims without merit’ and said they have investigated and have taken the quick action on the manager. The officials also mentioned that they would provide anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training to all data centre employee nation-wide.

“Additionally, we’ve continued to monitor the work environment at the North Carolina facility, and all US data centres, to ensure that improper behaviour…is not repeated,” the report quoted Facebook.


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