World’s leading technology inventor Japan wants to make world’s fastest supercomputer by 2018 and according to the reports it is going to spend $173 million for producing it. We know Japan is mostly focused on technology and science and prominent in consumer electronics, robotics, and the automobiles.

Our world is in evolution, with computerization and digitization when we take Industrial Labour into consideration. Many countries are moving fast to develop latest technologies, but Japan is one step forward every time to invent creative technologies. So, as a part of that Japan is believed to be pushing to build the world’s fastest supercomputer in an attempt to refresh its original condition.

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Officials said that they would spend $173 million on a machine capable of achieving 130 petaflops and beating current world number one, China’s Sunway TaihuLight.

Japan did not have a lovely time of it recently, with an experienced workforce and a slow-growing economy. Even it is the center of the technology world, but South Korea and China both have replaced the Japan in the electronics field. Earlier Japan was king of the supercomputing hill, and it was backed in 2011 when Fujitsu’s K Computer topped the world rankings at 10.5 petaflops.

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Now, Japan has asked several companies to tender for the honor of actually building the machine, codenamed ABCI (AI Bridging Cloud Structure). The winner will be announced on December 8, and it will expect to come online in 2018. Coming to operational, Japan will lease out time on the platform to companies who currently utilize Google and Microsoft services.