Drinking Red wine can decrease the short term effects of cigarette smoking

Drinking Red wine before smoking can reduce the short-term effects of cigarette smoking. This study has found by the German researchers of the University of Saarland.

We all heard about the health effects of cigarettes. It can lead to various health diseases like cellular aging, endothelial damage, systemic and vascular inflammation which causes the damage to the inner lining of blood vessels. It can reduce with drinking wine

Case Study

Their main abstract is consumption red wine in a moderate way is associated with few cardiovascular events. They have investigated “Really red wine decreases vascular effects of the cigarette smoking.”?

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Research methods

First, of they have taken 3 participants to smoke after drinking the red wine. After that Clinical chemistry, they check the blood counts, fluorescence-activated cell sorting for micro particles, immune magnetic separation of CD14+monocytes for gene expression analysis, and isolation of circulating mononuclear cells which measure telomerase activity immediately after smoking, and they also checked urine cotinine levels were quantified.

Research Results

The results they got in this research is leukocytosis level is P = .019, neutrophilia is P <.001, lymphopenia is P <.001, and eosinopenia is P = .008 after taking red wine and cigarette. Endothelial and platelets, monocyte and leukocyte has derived microparticles at the range of P <.001 in each segment. In monocytes, messenger RNA expression of interleukin level is -6 (2.6- ± 0.57-fold), tumor necrosis factor alpha level is (2.2- ± 0.62-fold), and IL-1b (2.3- ± 0.44-fold) it means they are controlled, as it was IL-6 (1.2 ± 0.12-fold) protein concentration in plasma. Smoking sharply prevents mononuclear cell telomerase activity. Markers of cellular aging, endothelial damage, and inflammation were totally attenuated by red wine consumption.

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Finally, in research, they found usually cigarette smoking causes vascular and systematic inflammation endothelial damage when compared to the nonsmokers. After immediate cigarette smoking, some changes will occur in the body which slowly causes cancer and other health diseases. After drinking red wine also we can find some quick changes in the body that type of reactions helps to decrease the effects caused by the smoking. They are not saying this process will eliminate health effects completely but somewhat better


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