The San Francisco Public Library knows what their audiences want. They decided to work with Nintendo and to give some valuable lessons to the young generation.
The group of school students learned the basic lessons of game creation thanks to the help of Super Mario, iconic hero in Nintendo famous game.
Nobody expected it from Nintendo. However, the Company decided to collaborate with the public state library, and to teach kids valuable lessons in game design.
Researchers from Nintendo created several lessons in Super Mario Maker, to show young students how to create the main character for the game.
Kids had to develop few stages in this game and then show it to other.
Krysta Yang, the representative of Nintendo Company said that Super Mario Maker showed itself as a good teacher for kids. It is not just a game. Maker asked children to make their choices, to think hard.
This lesson is the completely Company’s idea. Nintendo chose the San Francisco library because it has The Mix space that was perfect for use of different digital materials.
Library is really focused on different variants of learning, from book reading to creating pictures in Photoshop. They are open to the new ideas, and Nintendo decided that it is the perfect place to represent the Super Mario Maker there.
Specialists from Nintendo showed kids how to navigate through this game and craft new levels, very similar to original versions of Mario. After that, children divided into small groups, and began to create new versions of the old game.
They had enough time to try themselves in the new field. After that, everyone could play with their own creation.
Yang stated that the company’s main goal is to teach kids the basic design level, to explain the depth in the strategy behind every video game.


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