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Pokemon Go released in India: Steps to download Pokemon Go App on iOS and Android devices

download Pokemon Go app

Pokemon Go has finally made available officially in India. This game is now available on Android and iOS platforms. Now you can download this much-awaited game officially in India for the respective platforms.

As you all knew the success of the Pokemon Go across the world. Earlier this game hasn’t released for every region. Niantic has released the game gradually to several regions. The Pokemon Company, has partnered with Reliance Jio to bring the game to the country. The Augmented Reality game has now officially hit the Google Play store and Apple’s App store in India.

The users can directly download the game by visiting the respective stores. The users who are not aware of downloading the game, we are providing the process how to download the Pokemon Go on Android and iOS. By following these methods, you can download the game on your smartphones or tablets.Players will get an exclusive Pokemon Go channel on Reliance Jio’s messaging app, JioChat

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If you are facing the issues with downloading the Pokemon Go, then you download the APK, offline installation file for the Android devices. Earlier in India, the users have followed this method for installing the game. Of course, this method is not preferable and not encouraged. But if you are eager to play to the game you can download the APK file from the online and proceed to the installation.

How to download Pokemon Go on Android devices:

• Visit Google Play
• Search for Pokemon Go in the store
• Hit Install
• The app will be installed on your Android device.
• That’s it. Start Playing Pokemon Go once you’ve  downloaded.


  • Make sure you have the android device with version Android 4.4 to 6.0
  • Minimum 2GB RAM required for effective play.
  • The devices without GPS, compatibility, is not guaranteed

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How to download Pokemon Go on iOS devices:

• Visit the Apple App store
• Search for Pokémon GO (Developer Niantic, Inc.)
• Click on Get for Installation.
• Wait for the download and install the game.
• Once installation completed you are done.
• Start Playing Pokemon Go on you iPhone or iPad.


  • Minimum requirement to install the game iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Pokemon Go is Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

How to download Pokemon Go apk and Install on Android:

• Download the Pokemon Go APK on your Android device.
• Go to Settings
• Visit Security and Privacy
• Go to Unknown sources.
• Click on Allow for the installation of apps from unknown sources.
• Now install the downloaded Pokemon Go application.

Users can follow the above-detailed process for installing the game either from online or offline. If you still have more queries regarding how to install the Pokemon Go, how to play Pokemon Go, Pokemon Go Tips and tricks, just shoot your questions in the comment box. We are here to provide the solutions for your queries. Keep playing Pokemon Go.

Reliance Jio Brings Pokemon Go to India, Teams up with Niantic

download Pokemon Go app

Pokemon Go, the popular Augmented Reality game which made people crazy has finally comes to India. Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited has tied up with American Software development company Niantic to bring Pokemon Go to India. The most waited reality game will be launched on December 14 in association with Reliance Jio.

Many reliance digital stores and partner premises of Reliance in India will appear as ‘PokoStops’ or ‘Gyms’ in the Pokemon Go game beginning. The concept of Pokemon Go game spellbound the entire nation and increased curiosity on the game. Now, the Pokemon Go sensation that obsessed the entire nation has come to India nearly five months from its official launch.

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Reliance Jio users can download the Pokemon Go and play without acquiring data charges till March 31, 2017, as a part of Reliance Jio Happy New Year offer. Pokemon Go players will have access to an exclusive Pokemon Go channel through a social messaging app which is Jio chat to allow Pokemon Go players. Then the players will collaborate and be part of a community of players with daily tips, clues, and contests.

Speaking to media, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Niantic, John Hanke said, “We are excited to tie up with India’s current trending mobile network Reliance Jio to bring famous reality game Pokemon Go in India. It’s delighting to see Pokemon fans in India step out discover their neighborhoods in search of Pokemon and experience the game with Jio’s high-speed 4G LTE network.”

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On the flipside, Mathew Oommen, Reliance Jio President said, “We are excited to bring world famous Pokemon Go in India through our network. Pokemon Go has registered more than 500 million downloads globally and now here we are presenting Reliance Jio Pokemon Go to Indians. Our association with Niantic not only brings access to the Pokemon Go App but also unlocks the doors to more opportunities for our users to enjoy content on Jio’s one of a kind mobile broadband network.”

Gotcha!! Gotta catch ‘em all!!! Norwegian’s Prime Minister, Erna Solberg caught playing Pokémon Go during Parliamentary Debate

Why Norway Prime Minister Gone Crazy on Pokémon Go???

Norway’s politicians might require ratifying legislation by playing Pokémon Go during meetings and debates of parliament in Storting.  It was first, Trine Skei Grande (46 yrs), the leader of Norway’s Liberal Party, got busted playing it during the meeting on national security. Foreign and defence affairs committee back in the month of August hearing about the proposed military base shut-downs in the country.

It’s not the first time a member of the government has been caught playing the game in the chamber. But now, it was the Prime Minister herself, Erna Solberg (55 yrs).  She has been pictured playing Pokémon Go during a debate in Norway’s parliament. This shows the heights of Pokémon Go mania.

In fact, the minister who was at the Dias, Trine Skei Grande, snapped by cameras in August playing the game Pokémon Go during a national security meeting! Is the process of governance that boring?  Why even the world leaders are falling for the game’s spell??

Gotta catch ’em all, even if you’re busy running a country, debates can get pretty boring.

Governing is not only concerned with all the big, long speeches and campaign trails. There also is a lot of boring, banal humdrum, for which the Norway’s Prime Minister shows us an effective solution.

Pokémon Go, an augmented and live reality game that bets the players find and catch Pokémon characters in the real world scenarios.

The 55 old leader, Solberg trying to “catch ‘em all” and being a fan of Pokémon Go is not at all a secret. During a recent official trip to Slovakia, she told the reporters that she was keen to take a short break from her official duties to play the game hunting for Pokémon monsters. She then yet had some 10km eggs to hatch.

Grande being amused by the hot news, tweeting: “She heard what I said; we ladies can do two things at the same time you know.”

For which the leader of Norway’s political conservative party and Prime Minister of the country. Solberg replied: “I think that Trine will like that I opened the game while she was in the pulpit.”

However, this issue led to the criticism towards Norway’s PM from colleagues. After she was seen playing Pokémon Go during a Parliamentary hearing.

She is not the only one Norwegian politician who plays the game. Pokémon Go Mania also has peaked in U.S. But this mobile game is still popular among Norwegian politicians, with the evidence as the captured clicks. PM Solberg had her phone out not during a break or boring hold up. But during a very active debate while another minister was speaking.

The Pokémon Go fever may have been receding in the US but it is still raging in Norway.

The game’s huge popularity led to numerous unintended consequences.  In the US, four armed robbers lured unsuspecting players to a remote car park to rob them. While in another incident a US player doddered across a dead body.

The Washington DC’s Holocaust museum resorted to asking Pokémon Go players to vacate the premises. And a warning is given to the players in Bosnia about the dangers of venturing too far and stepping on landmines.

An alert warning is given to all the players around the world to take care crossing roads and not to play it while driving. A woman died, who was reportedly playing the game after being knocked down by a motorist in Japan.

The State Broadcaster NRK said, “It is pure and simple disrespectful to sit and play Pokémon during such a serious hearing.”

Halvar Ronneberg, group leader for the Progress Party in Andoy Ronnenberg said Grande’s Pokemon hunting “also shows a lack of respect for voters and those who are here in the Parliament today on an important mission.”

Grande said that she had stopped playing the game after complaints from her colleagues but during the break. She defended herself from the accusation that her actions were disrespectful and disobeying. Saying that she has a head that ‘listens better when she is doing brain dead’ activities. She also told VG “Some of us have heads that listen better when we can do something brain-dead on the side and we’re not all alike. More sensational things came up during the hearing than this.”

Ironically, Erna Solberg snapped playing the game while her co-politician. Trine Skei Grande is the one who has also been caught playing the game while addressing the house.

Some might also argue that Solberg is only doing her patriotic duty. The Government Pension Fund has invested in Nintendo. Through which the sovereign wealth fund has gotten a nice boost up from the Pokémon Go craze, earning at least $148 million due to its popularity.

Pokemon Go creates another news for Playing in Church by an Russian and the same being Uploaded in Social Media Site

Russian Blogger
Russian Blogger Imprisoned as He Plays Pokémon Go Game in Yekaterinburg’s Church

A Russian Blogger (Who posts Videos on the social media sites) has been arrested and may sentence to prison up to 5 years. The incident took place when he posted the video of Pokemon Go Play on Youtube.

Pokémon GO BAN: Users who try to cheat will be banned for lifetime

The video has the explicitly shown the boy playing the game in the Yekaterinburg’s Church of All Saints. Ruslan Sokolovsky, a Russian Blogger aged about 21 years has posted a video on August 11th, 2016. The same video uploaded in one of the social media sites.

The Russian Police immediately took action against him and arrested him. The game has become so dangerous that many accidents were taking place around the world. Many countries across the globe have banned the game.

Pokemon GO Game Update Leaves Users Angry as The Game Resets Automatically

A truck driver hit two women in Japan while playing the Pokemon Go game while driving. Another accident took place in New York where the driver hit the tree. Earlier the game has been referred as a “social media phenomenon” as it is making various people bring together.

The massive popularity of the game resulted in several positive effects. This game enabled players to help catch criminals and present crimes report. But now the game is showing its worst side too.

Pokémon Go Creator and CEO of Niantic John Hanke’s Twitter Account hacked by OurMine

Pokémon Go is a free-to-play, location-based reality game developed by Niantic. Launched on July 22nd, 2016, the Video game has been hitting the headlines for more controversies rather than the Positive side. It created a record in first 5 days of its launch for acquiring around 27 million unique users and 1 million downloads.


Pokémon GO BAN: Users who try to cheat will be banned for lifetime.

There is the new update in the world famous game in the less time, Pokémon GO. The players who caught cheating will get a lifetime ban from the game. The change of the terms and conditions are released by Niantic telling that, now they can ban anyone from the game with no hope of ever having the reversing of the ban.

The Pokémon GO accounts which are banned are “permanently terminated” if the players are found trying to violate using the software for cheating or trying to hack the game by tricking the phone’s GPS making you are elsewhere.

Pokémon Go Still Not Available in India and China But Goes Live in More 15 Countries

On using the Third party software which include the apps such as Pokevision, which helps Pokémon GO trainers to locate where Pokémon was laying until it voluntarily closed down. Similarly, other apps are still trying to get around the ban. To stop these mischievous acts from users, the recent update from Pokémon GO revised the terms and conditions, so some might undergo themselves with Ban for the lifetime unknowingly.

Pokemon GO Game Update Leaves Users Angry as The Game Resets Automatically

Things the users have to avoid for not getting affected with the BAN.

  • Do not attempt to snipe Pokémon
  • Niantic can easily track the cheaters if they bot teleports across the world just to catch a Gyarados, Kanghaskan or a Mewtwo. In fact, this is one of the easiest ways to track the cheaters.
  • Use GPS spoofing slowly
  • Using the GPS spoofing and going too fast also raises some red flags for the users. The users who are using such apps are recommended to change the FAKE GPS application settings to normal modes and enjoy the natural walk to avoid getting a ban.
  • Try and take down Pokémon Gyms
  • One important thing is, most of Pokémon GO bots cannot do is to take over the Pokémon gyms.
  • At least once in a while, the players must try to battle at the gym for letting the Niantic know that the users are not using a bot.
  • We were hardly suggesting to avoid these kind of activities, once the account gets banned it cannot be revert. Niantic has come up with the strict move in the recent update. Enjoy Pokémon GO. Keep Playing.
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