Reliance Jio Digital Services is now set plans to launch the new Jio app called the ‘JioHealthHub’. This application is available for the Android Platform on Google Play with the preview version. There is no official announcement regarding this application from the company.

The users can download and install this unreleased JioHealthHub app which is currently available on the Google Play. The details on the listing page of the app are unstable due to the unfinished form. Even we had experienced some issues while using this app. But as of now, it would be only helpful to describe the purpose of the app. This app requires the Jio ID for the login, and this is limited to the Reliance Jio Subscribers.

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As per the listings on the JioHealthHub’s app listing page, the principal purpose of the app is to Manage, Retrieve and Share the medical and health data. The cloud storage on this app will make the data available wherever you go. The company claims that the storage and sharing the data through the app will be secure. The users can upload the ‘health-related files’ and data like medical images, prescriptions, medical bills, and lab reports which can be uploaded and made available to them privately.

The users can share these reports or the files to their care provider, doctor, and family members. You can share the data with the read-only format access. The users will have the control regarding the sharing of the data further.

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The users on the app are allowed to upload the data to the app or receive from the partner or the health care providers as well as other users are categorized automatically. These are categorized into the clearly labelled and visually differentiated the folders to find easily.

There is also one centralized repository on the app called ‘My Health Folder’ which contains all the files of the user. Hospitals and the partner labs will push the results of the tests and other requested data directly to the app. The users are also having the option to track certain health parameters, and the company says it will add more support for tracking through the devices soon.