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WhatsApp Beta for Android New Feature Can Revoke Messages 5 Minutes Later

WhatsApp Beta for Android New Feature

New Delhi: It’s a known fact that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg owned Whatsapp too. Ever since he took over Whatsapp, he has been making so many changes and improving the app such as launching last seen, stories, etc. Now, this instant messaging app is planning to introduce a new feature with its beta version.

According to that feature, the message from a person to someone else will get disappeared in 5 minutes. However, it’s not clear how much time it takes to disappear. The feature is available in only the web version of 0.2.4077. We can avail this feature by changing the settings.

Another new feature is to edit the font of our message we send. The feature is also available in the beta version of 2.17.148. By upgrading to this version, we can select the text before sending and change the font to bold or italic.

We can use that feature to send any most important messages. These features are currently only available in the beta version only. It is yet to be known when they will be available for regular users. Android Nougat update has also launched a new feature to translate the text immediately if we have google translate app installed.

Amazon to Provide You Styling Support with the New Outfit Compare Feature

Outfit Compare

Amazon has introduced another new feature for it prime members. This new Amazon Outfit compares feature will pass its advice on clothing to the users. The latest version of the Amazon shopping app provides the “Outfit Compare” in the sidebar navigation for its Prime members. Amazon has launched many such user-friendly services like Launchpad, Restaurants, Watch & Shop, etc. earlier.

The outfit compare feature prompts to share two of their photos wearing two different outfits they’re choosing between. Then, you’ll get a response from an Amazon stylist suggesting which outfit looks better on you. The suggestion will be sent determining various factors including the clothes fit, color and style, and trend.

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It’s suggested you to click photos where your pose and background are similar. But Amazon says “it’s fine if you take a selfie in front of a full-length mirror. The photos are only viewed by Amazon staff.”

The photos can be deleted within the app and also the copies associated with your Amazon account. The advice you get is from the Amazon Stylists who are from various varied backgrounds. Amazon claims the experts are from the fashion industry, retail, editorial, creative and styling fields.

The Amazon Outfit compares feature quite simple to use. Click a photo and upload it in the app and submit to Amazon team. You’ll get an answer back in less than a minute which is not an automated one. As said earlier, Amazon has hired fashion specialists to work on this project.

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The outfit can be rated on the style scale, and the best response will show the enthusiasm about the selection. The options include “We like this better,” “Definitely pick this one,” and “It was a close call.”

Instagram New Feature Lets You Share 10 Photos and Videos in a Single Post

Instagram album

Want to share multiple photos or videos or the combination of both in a single post. Now the feature is came into live with the Instagram new update. It finally rolled out the awaited feature of sharing multiple videos and photos in a single post.

The number is limited to 10. So, you can upload 10 photos at a time which is easy for your followers to swipe through all photos and videos in one place.

The update about showing a new icon which will let you select multiple photos and videos will be rolled out soon. You have the chance to change the order after selecting the photos and videos.  Filters can apply to these pictures either individually or in a batch.

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This feature has been available for advertisers, but this is the first time becoming accessible to the public. To access this feature, you have to press the new icon on the bottom right of the image and then select up to 10. To change the order of the image, you have to tap and hold on the image.

Your followers will be able to swipe the carousels from side to side. Instagram is limiting the photos to a single caption and square aspect ratios for now.

Instagram said in a blog post, “In feed, you’ll see blue dots at the bottom of these posts to let you know you can swipe to see more. You can like and comment on them just like a regular post.”

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Instagram album feature is quite useful for many users. People can send 10 images or videos of single topic. If you are a food blogger you can share 10 recipes in a single post, fashion blogger can send step by step process with images in a single post. This update is available for iOS and Android.

Facebook kills Nearby Friends feature and adds Wave to share proximity

Facebook kills Nearby Friends feature

Facebook has come up with a few changes. It removed the precise location-sharing from its Nearby Friends feature. This option now lets you inform your friends who are within a few kilometres range about his/her location.

Previously, users could choose an option of temporarily or permanently can share their precise location on the map with friend or friends. Now Facebook also confirmed the move of removing Nearby Friends feature. The list shows the friends name and the area they are in.

Facebook New Marketing Program to Compete with Google Doodle: Connect and Share Moments

In addition to this, the social media giant, Facebook has also done another change, i.e., it completely removed the ‘Poke’ feature. It replaced with ‘Wave’ and users can send this option to nearby friends to get together. This option can lead to the conversation on Messenger whether they’re free to hang out.

“We are testing a new feature within Nearby Friends allowing people to send their friends a waving hand Emoji to say hello and help them meet up. This is meant to give people more ways to express themselves, and help friends interact with one another in new fun and lightweight ways,” a Facebook official said.

Recently company rolled out coloured status backgrounds to all Android, iOS and web users, and currently available only in white colour. This new feature allows the user to select their favourite colour that they can put on the status bar.

Facebook rolls out live audio feature on its platform

Facebook is also improving its standalone Messenger app. The company recently introduced the group video-calling feature in the Messenger application. In a bid to counter its rivals Skype, Viber and Google Duo, Facebook added new video calling option.

The company also announced that it upgraded its Mentions app with the live video editing tools and much more.

Facebook launches parent portal to keep kids stay safe online

facebook parent portal-launched

Facebook has launched new parent portal which aims to help adults to navigate their children through the social media site. Facebook Parents Portal keeps you aware of videos, tips, and advice to help spark conversations about online safety. The portal is a part of Facebook’s Safety Center and informs you about the firm’s safety policies, tools, and resources.

Keeping you and your information safe at each thing they do, Facebook compiles some basic tips and information to help you get the most out of your experience and help your child navigate theirs. With this portal, Facebook connects you with online safety organizations across the world which offer additional resources specifically for parents.

Facebook Now Gets HD Videos Option and Other Features to Android Users

Facebook provides access only for users at least 13 years old and does not accept anyone younger. Bur for the ones below the age, Facebook Parents Portal, provides all sorts of resources and is available to users in over 55 languages. Step-by-step instructions were given to parents on how to sign up for the social media site.

“Keeping our community safe is core to everything we do. People will only come to Facebook if it’s a safe place to connect and share with the people they care. With the new Safety Centre and Parent’s Portal, we worked with safety experts and local partners to develop content that resonates with our community,” says, Ankhi Das, Facebook Public Policy Director (India, South and Central Asia).

YouTube Kids App for Android and iOS with child-friendly Content Launched in India

Facebook claims many parents find this helpful to use the same social media apps and sites which their teens are using. This also deals with the underage accounts and blocking other users to maintain safety and privacy.

The social networking giant also ensures that the reported content will be removed if it is against standards. The platform mainly focuses on helping foster conversations between children and parents about online safety. It also offers a group of experts at fingertips to assist about certain policies or guidelines.