We have seen many types of Robots which are self-controlled, controlled by remote or through smart phones. Latest invention by ZeroUI allows controlling the motion of robot by hand gestures. The first of its kind was named as Ziro (Let your imagination come to life).

Some may call it’s a tiring and tricky thing to do. But it gives the feeling of self-controlled experience which is different from the thing you control.

Ziro comes up with two parts, one of them contains a set of small motors that can shape up a robot and the second one is a Glove, which is green coloured and lined up with motion detectable sensors and flexible strips covering thumb and first two fingers. Linking the two with the help of a mobile application and mapping the gesture to the precise movement of the robot. Gestures like waving, clenching a fist and finger movements can move the robot without any coding.

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The company’s main idea is to introduce robotics to people by removing the obstacles & creating user interfaces. It is also a better way for educating children to build robots with the broken toys or good stuff like card boxes in the house by just connecting them to the modules in the kit. They can design their robot from a car to a dragon.

The modules in the kit are possessed with a 360-degree rotation and can use 3D printings on it. Ziro can be used in many ways, and it’s excellent one for the students to learn designing and building of robots in a simple manner. Ziro works on the local WIFI network, and a unique mobile application is needed initially for mapping up the gestures.

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The actuator modules are made of ABS while the gloves are built with spandex, faux leather and flex and sensors. Built up with internal rechargeable Li-on battery with a charging time of 2.5 hrs and it weighs about 105 grams. Whereas the gloves are weighing 12 grams are lined up with flexible sensors and 5-axis inertial measurement. The maximum play time is 4 hrs and the charging time needs to full charge the Li-on battery is 2 hrs.

Ziro comes in two editions namely starter and pro. The starter version of Ziro includes the smart glove, two modules, the Smartphone app, and a phone mount for $149.

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The Pro edition adds another two modules, assembly parts for the Rover and Trike designs and a 360-degree rotating phone amount for $199.That price will rise to $249 once the campaign ends. The firm had started an Indiegogo campaign for crowd fundraising.

The company had arranged a short demo at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which received a very positive response from the audience. We can expect the shipping of the product to the customers from January 2017.


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