Now it becomes harder for the web users to find the pirated content like music, movies and illegal Football Live Streams under new rules. The search giants, Google and Bing from now on wards hide illegally pirated content to crack down the Piracy Websites.

The companies signed up a voluntary code of practice which aimed to prevent users visiting piracy content providers. In this process, the users will be showed the links to the same video or music or any other that they are searching by paying the amount.

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Google and Bing planned to start the process first in the UK to accelerate the demotion of illegal sites following the notices from the right holders. These changes are expected to start from this summer. Organizers mentioned that this agreement would run parallel to the existing anti-piracy measures which aimed at reducing online violation.

Eddy Leviten, Director General of the Alliance for Intellectual Property, said, “Sometimes people will search for something, and they will end up unwittingly taken to a pirated piece of content. “What we want to ensure is that the results at the top of the search engines are the genuine ones. It is about protecting people who use the web, but also safeguard the creators of that material too.”

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The Google and Bing companies said that this new agreement in future internet users would be more likely to be taken to the bona-fide providers than the piracy websites. And the users are instructed and will be taken to the pirated sites where the online security is at risk