Many people around the world and even non-techies use Google Photos to store their memorable images. Now people can view the album of particular picture through the new feature added in Google Photos.

In short, it is one home for all your photos which can organised quickly and easy to find. Google Photos also supports face matching technology, and you can turn off this feature any time in the settings. It’s free to upload the photos and comes with unlimited storage

Credits: Android Authority

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Google Photos can Auto upload the images on the web from all your devices. Users can back up and view a lifetime of pictures and can edit made once appear on all devices. Google Photos, allows you to access your photos from any device with the internet and automatically back up the files.

Photos that added from the web allow the users to find which album that a particular image belongs to. The Google Photos are automatically organised and searchable which means you can see all your photos hosted by the places, people and things. Users can search by what they remember about the image with no description needed.

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Another interesting feature about the Google Photos is that the users can easily edit and share the photos how they like. The user can crop, add filters and also adjust the picture in their browser. You can share the lots of photos at once with the people even they didn’t have the app.

To view the album of a particular picture is in, just simply tap on the (i) button provided on the top right of the screen. Through Google Photos, you can able to see all the photo information, and you can also know the album information also.


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