The latest technologies are specially made for mid and low range smartphones. In India, there are many affordable smartphones that can handle the majority of apps and games well. There are some low range smartphones still running on slower data connection speed which is impossible to run many apps.

Facebook Lite runs on slow data connection which is launched in 2015 and now Microsoft- owned Skype has also joined by introducing Skype Lite which is cleaner, simpler and lighter version of its original telephony services.

Skype Lets You Make Calls without an Account and More Easier than Before

Skype Lite is exclusively launched for India on 22nd February. It is 13mb in size and includes all services like texting, video calling, voice calling and Skype bots.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella announced Skype Lite for India at Microsoft’s Future Decoded Conference in Mumbai. It has been designed as the fastest and smallest app which consumes less data, for users in India.

“Skype Lite is designed to deliver a great Skype performance in challenging network conditions, use less data, less power and enable more users to take advantage of free Skype to Skype calls. It is available in seven local languages: Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu,” mentioned in a Blog post.

Microsoft is Working on Messaging app called Skype Teams

The company has announced about the amalgamation of Aadhaar number on the app from June 2017. This helps in verifying the identity of unknown callers where identification verification is required, including job interview, goods, and property sale.

Skype Lite featured tracking data usage that tells the user about how much data was used and also categorized the internet usage into two sections—the amount of mobile data or wifi used while using the Skype Lite app.

Microsoft has using the Artificial Intelligence-based algorithm to differentiate between important and junk messages. It segregates all messages into three categories: Normal text messages, Skype Messages, and Promotional texts.

It also allows the user to share multimedia files without downloading them to the device. Microsoft introduces the dark theme for this app for users to work in the night without straining the eyes. You can now download the Skype Lite for Android on the Google Play store.


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