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Google Allo Web Version to be Rolled Out Soon Besides its App

Google has announced the Allo chat app for mobile users in the earlier year. However, the app has failed to attract the users as hoped it would. Lack of web version is one of the reasons behind it. Now, search engine giant has come up a move to fill the gap with the launch of Google Allo web version.

At first, Allo is determined to be available only for a smartphone just like what Facebook does with the WhatsApp. Interestingly, Google Communication products VP Nick Fox hinted the release of Allo web version. As of now, it is too early to expect the Allo desktop version as Google didn’t specify a release date.

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 “Still in early development, but coming to a desktop near you… #GoogleAllo #SneakPeek,” Nick Fox mentioned on his Twitter.

Google has freshly rebranded the Android Messages. Besides that, it also offers Voice, Allo, Hangouts, Duo, and Phone. Google Hangouts is one of the weakest offerings which users come across all major mobile messaging apps. Other apps like Facebook’s Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Line offer better features.

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Google Allo limits its function just to phone and that to a single device. You need to set up Allo again if you switch your device to another and all the history will be lost as well. Probably, the web version of the app may back up all the things regardless of the phone. It would be more interesting to see if Google would allow Allo to run on multiple Android devices besides the web version.

Change Your Name and Get a iPhone 7 for Free: Unique Offer in Ukraine

iPhone 7 for Free ?

In a unique way, Apple iPhone 7 has been offered for free to the first five Ukrainians who change their name to iPhone 7. Yes, it is true. The offer is declared by a local retailer ‘Allo.’ The offer with the terms and conditions clearly explained is a different one to hear among the routine ones.

The Allo has stated that the first five people who apply for the change of their names should send a passport photograph and the name changing letter issued by the local government authorities. Thy, in fact, should carry the originals while collecting personally the Black colored Apple iPhone 7. It is free.

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Such an offer is interesting to hear. As everyone knows that the name change might not cost as much as the purchase of the iPhone 7 model. So very easy to make the offer available. No complications too in just changing the name. But remember, the name should be strict “Sim iPhone 7”.

Though awkward and new to hear such a name for a person, getting a free iPhone is the main achievement for those who decide to do so. Many locals think that the name change won’t be so much problematic as the friends and relatives will, however, call by the name that is kept a year long back. Only the record will have the name change. Those who do not travel abroad and Passports unnecessary individuals can avail the offer with joy.

In the past, we already heard of Apple fanboys. The Allo store is, however, did not claim any of the individual coming to them for grabbing the said offer.

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In Ukraine, the Apple iPhone costs nearly $1,000 which is a huge amount for them to afford. This is just the offer that is declared by the local retail seller of the iPhones, and the Apple does not have any involvement in this.

Duo is Replacing Hangouts from its List of Preinstalled Apps

Are you confused about what’s replacing Hangouts? Well, it is Google Duo. Allo may be the future of Google Messaging efforts, but it is Duo which replaces Hangouts as one of the pre-installed apps on the future Android phones.

In an email sent out to Google Mobile Service Partners on 5th October, the company explained that Hangouts is moving to optional status in the Google Apps package for Android beginning from 1st December. As per the message details, Google is dropping out Hangouts, and that may bundle for upcoming mobiles.

Google Duo is the Most Popular App in Google Play

“Today, we are announcing that Google Duo will replace Hangouts within the suite of core GMS apps, and Hangouts will become GMS Optional for telephony products. This change will take effect on December 1, 2016”.

It looks like Google is focusing towards other solutions. Allo and Hangouts are the core messaging apps while Duo used for video calling. It should be noted that Hangouts is not completely dead, but it is unbundled from mandatory Google apps package.

If you want to continue this application on your Android phone, you need to head to the PlayStore and download. Hangouts will be an optional pre-installed app. And this means users can ship it with their devices, but most probably, won’t.

Google Duo to Roll Out Audio-Only Calls Supports Soon

While the Duo application comes as a preinstalled app on every single Android device released after 1st December.

It is expected that at some point of time. Allo will also get similar treatment since the company faces stiff competition from the rival messaging apps like Facebook Messanger and Whatsapp. Therefore, Allo not a part of pre-installed apps list.

Google’s Messaging Service Allo Might Launch in this Week

During the Google I/O event the company has announced the two new messaging applications called Duo and Allo. As you all know, Duo already hits Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS users. Duo received the unique experience from the users, and they started loving this application. But the Allo Application is yet to release, and there is no official announcement from the company.

Google Duo is the Most Popular App in Google Play

Only Duo application is available for public which was announced back at Google I/O this year. As per the company’s update, the release of the application must be at the time of first day of the fall, i.e., September 22, 2016, which is less than a week.

The deadline for the release date is about to reach the company and as per the famous online reputed tipster, Evan Blass has posted the tweeted about the release of Allo on his Twitter account.

Evan Blass tweeted saying “Hello, Allo (launches this week).” No further details about the release date and regarding application details. As per the reports and other sources suggests that the release might be on September 21. As of now, there is no official announcement, consider this information as the pinch of salt.

The Google Allo which is the communicational messaging app, which helps in enhancing the messaging service with advanced chat features. The users have to login or sign-up with the phone number, instead of the Google Account. This is going to be the refreshing application from the Google so far. Some of the features included in this app are end-to-end encryption, the ability to talk to Google Assistant and some funnier sticker packs.

Google Allo App Hints Incognito Chat at its Leak Ahead of Its Launch

Some of the users had already pre-registered for this Google Allo application on the Google Play store before the release.

Google Allo App Hints Incognito Chat at its Leak Ahead of Its Launch

Google Allo is making its way to Android play store very soon. Allo was introduced at Google’s I/O Developers conference along with Duo. This new app from search engine giant is already announced that is going to be for text messaging. Google Allo Leaked ahead of its launch in incognito chat.

The preview test version of Allo Beta is leaked, and there are much many features which resemble WhatsApp and Snapchat. Whatsapp is a very popular app with the huge user base, and Snapchat is a pro at sending disappearing messages and videos to contacts.

Google Duo is the Most Popular App in Google Play

Combining these both, Google has added the best of these features in its Allo. It’s the latest launch in the recent past Duo offers feature what hangouts has been offering till now. It is expected that this new Allo from Google will surpass the individual apps in the market like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype and Snapchat.

The developer believed the idea of simplicity which worked well regarding Duo. Allo possesses a Slicker and Much cooler interface. Leading text messaging platform WhatsApp has never concentrated on the looks, seems that became a boon for Allo.

Google’s earlier attempts like Gtalk and Hangouts to make a mark in a messaging world were proven failed. With so many messaging apps releasing in the market, hangouts didn’t found efficient and expressive. Thus, it leads to Allo and Duo.

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According to the reports, Allo and Duo share the same interface while using the Voice message feature. With clean animation and background, the app will be more like WhatsApp with double tick option too.

Recording a voice message can be done by pressing a button and can be cancelled by using a slide option. Allo also has the option to search keywords which help while rewinding conversations.

The app also offers incognito mode and will be end-to-end encrypted for a better security. Activation of Allo is quite simple and just requires user’s phone number. Interestingly, the same tech company is involved in the development of Allo and WhatsApp.

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