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Google Allo, the Tough Rival of Whatsapp Launched : Check out the Features

Google Allo goes live

Google’s most awaiting application Google Allo has finally hit the Google Play Store for the Android Users.

During the Google I/O event, the tech giant has announced two new messaging applications Google Duo and Google Allo.  Duo already went live on the Google play store for Android Users and iOS store for Apple users.

After the release of Duo, got impressed with the video calling App the users are eagerly waiting for the launch of Allo.

Google Allo set the plans to release the application on September 21, 2016. As per the release date, the app is now available for download on the Google Play Store. The users must have to check out this cool application.

Google’s new is built up with cool and  smart features which will thrill the users while using. Some say that Allo is the best competitor for the Instant Messaging Application Whatsapp.

We have to wait and see whether it will surpass and survive Whatsapp’s craze and Huge user base.

How to install Google Allo :

1. Go to Google Play Store
2. Search for the Google Allo or Visit this link

Steps to Sign up with the Google Allo:

1. Install the Allo
2. Open the Application
3. Sign up with your phone number.
4. That’s It! You are now on Google Allo.
5. Voila ! Time to Explore the cool things.

Best things you can experience

• Smart Reply
• Ink
• Stickers
• SHOUT or whisper
• Meet your personal Google Assistant
• Incognito mode

Smart Reply

One can respond to the chats without even typing the single word. The smart reply is going to be the best feature in the messaging service history. This is going to be the game changer. You’re going to feel excited while doing the chats.


You can make send the photos by making them creative with the doodles on them. You can even add the text.

A lot of perfect stickers are available on the Allo. You can download the new collection which is available by the independent artists across the world.

SHOUT or whisper

Time to change the things saying the words in ALL CAPS to reach out your point. With the help of you can say it louder or quitter by changing the size of your text with the quick swipe on the send button.

Meet your personal Google Assistant

This is another F***ing awesome feature while using the chats; This is going to help you out in several ways. Whatever you are going to ask the Google Assistant, it will reply with the prior and appropriate answers. You can get restaurants nearby, share videos to watch and get answers, right in your conversation with friends.

Incognito mode 

For the first time, now you can do the incognito chat. In the earlier, you might have come across with the private messaging or other, but now you will be experienced with the privacy and security seriously in the Allo.

The above are the features in the Allo and currently the Google Allo ios version is not available for download. The users have to wait for some more time to get Allo on App Store. Android users can download the Google Allo apk for the offline installation, although this is not advisable, the users who could not be able to download from the Google Play Store.

Google’s Messaging Service Allo Might Launch in this Week

During the Google I/O event the company has announced the two new messaging applications called Duo and Allo. As you all know, Duo already hits Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS users. Duo received the unique experience from the users, and they started loving this application. But the Allo Application is yet to release, and there is no official announcement from the company.

Google Duo is the Most Popular App in Google Play

Only Duo application is available for public which was announced back at Google I/O this year. As per the company’s update, the release of the application must be at the time of first day of the fall, i.e., September 22, 2016, which is less than a week.

The deadline for the release date is about to reach the company and as per the famous online reputed tipster, Evan Blass has posted the tweeted about the release of Allo on his Twitter account.

Evan Blass tweeted saying “Hello, Allo (launches this week).” No further details about the release date and regarding application details. As per the reports and other sources suggests that the release might be on September 21. As of now, there is no official announcement, consider this information as the pinch of salt.

The Google Allo which is the communicational messaging app, which helps in enhancing the messaging service with advanced chat features. The users have to login or sign-up with the phone number, instead of the Google Account. This is going to be the refreshing application from the Google so far. Some of the features included in this app are end-to-end encryption, the ability to talk to Google Assistant and some funnier sticker packs.

Google Allo App Hints Incognito Chat at its Leak Ahead of Its Launch

Some of the users had already pre-registered for this Google Allo application on the Google Play store before the release.

Google Allo App Hints Incognito Chat at its Leak Ahead of Its Launch

Google Allo is making its way to Android play store very soon. Allo was introduced at Google’s I/O Developers conference along with Duo. This new app from search engine giant is already announced that is going to be for text messaging. Google Allo Leaked ahead of its launch in incognito chat.

The preview test version of Allo Beta is leaked, and there are much many features which resemble WhatsApp and Snapchat. Whatsapp is a very popular app with the huge user base, and Snapchat is a pro at sending disappearing messages and videos to contacts.

Google Duo is the Most Popular App in Google Play

Combining these both, Google has added the best of these features in its Allo. It’s the latest launch in the recent past Duo offers feature what hangouts has been offering till now. It is expected that this new Allo from Google will surpass the individual apps in the market like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype and Snapchat.

The developer believed the idea of simplicity which worked well regarding Duo. Allo possesses a Slicker and Much cooler interface. Leading text messaging platform WhatsApp has never concentrated on the looks, seems that became a boon for Allo.

Google’s earlier attempts like Gtalk and Hangouts to make a mark in a messaging world were proven failed. With so many messaging apps releasing in the market, hangouts didn’t found efficient and expressive. Thus, it leads to Allo and Duo.

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According to the reports, Allo and Duo share the same interface while using the Voice message feature. With clean animation and background, the app will be more like WhatsApp with double tick option too.

Recording a voice message can be done by pressing a button and can be cancelled by using a slide option. Allo also has the option to search keywords which help while rewinding conversations.

The app also offers incognito mode and will be end-to-end encrypted for a better security. Activation of Allo is quite simple and just requires user’s phone number. Interestingly, the same tech company is involved in the development of Allo and WhatsApp.

Google Duo is the Most Popular App in Google Play

It’s been a week since Google’s Duo has got released and the new video calling app is smashing hits in Android download. Google Duo is the most downloaded and outranked all other free apps in the Google play store. Users got an icon revamping just before its launch. The surprising thing is that the software ranks high user preferences, as it optimises to work in any country.

It seems Android users are really enjoying this video chatting app. The results states the app supremacy is surpassing Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Pokemon GO, YouTube Music, Facebook and Instagram. Google Duo has managed to get a significant raise in the interest among Android users. Google Duo has obtained an average rating of 4.5 which is far better than Facebook with 4.0, Facebook messenger and snap chat with 3.9

google duo

Google Duo is now available all over the world after limiting to some countries at its initial launch.  Earlier last week, many pointed that Duo might not compete with other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Facetime regarding users. However, it is smashing hit with Android users as it turns out. The developer made this video chatting app available for the users with a smartphone which runs on Android 4.1 or latest.

Google Duo to Roll Out Audio-Only Calls Supports Soon

The usage of this app is quite simple, all it needs is a phone number to get started, and users can connect with their contacts with just a tap. Google optimised the app to work so well in poor conditions, and the app can switch to an audio-only mode in case of weak Wi-Fi connectivity.

Google is planning to convert these initial users into daily active users. Google play chart shows the interest Android users are showing on this app. The real task lies to prove users that Google Duo is the best video chatting app.

Google Duo to Roll Out Audio-Only Calls Supports Soon

Earlier this week, Google released Duo after a few months of its announcement at I/O developers conference. Search engine giant introduced Duo with an idea to make video chat much simpler. However, it doesn’t stand unique among the other video calling apps as it lacks voice call feature. Now, Duo focused on it and will be out soon on next update.

Duo’s interesting feature ‘knock knock’ provides a preview of the caller. A little notice will be observed by the caller who initiated the call, stating that your video is visible. This means the recipient can see what caller is doing. Unfortunately, only Android users can make use of the ‘knock knock’ feature regardless the app is opened or not. Whereas in iPhone, users can only see the preview if the app is opened.

Duo, Google’s new video chatting App is out

Amit Fulay, Google’s product lead for communication, states that audio-only calls are coming soon to Duo, also assured that could be at any point in time. Google is busy in including the feature in a video calling app as the app has already been tied to users mobile number, it seems there is no point to  having voice calls through Duo. The only case this feature is highly applicable is, when there is no availability of cellular coverage but with stronger Wi-fi.

Google mentioned that it is focusing on retooling the hangouts to serve better. The company is slowly improving hangouts by adding functionalities like low power mode and video messaging. It’s also been working on the earlier promised Allo. A buzz is that Allo predicts responses based on the conversation with another person. It would be soo nice to see a single service offers the combination of all these features.

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