Cyrus Mistry gave the explanation to his words. On Tuesday he stated Ratan Tata Ego puts the company in the risk, Tata wants to sell the company to the IBM, due to his egoistic mind he purchased Corus Company for highest rate. He also said due to his nature many employees are suffering.

Now Mistry takes his words back and giving the explanation that “I didn’t say about selling TCS to IBM, I said about Ratan Tata nominations, at that time some disturbances have arisen about nominations but I didn’t say anything rather than that.

These words became the sensation and finally reached to Tata. TCS first chief executive F.C. Kohli and former Tata Steel chairman Muthuraman has strongly responded on this issue.

Possible Reasons for Cyrus Mistry Shocking Removal From Tata Sons

Father of IT industry Kohli stated, “It is entirely fake news about selling TCS to IBM, Up to now we never thought about giving TCS”.  He also said there is no truth is words on Mistri. They established Tata IBM in 1991-92, its main aim is to encourage hardware in India but we never thought about

Muthuraman said “These are foolish statements reported by Mistry, we bought Corus Company after thinking about all issues, and I am really shocked about words of Cyrus Mistry.” He said he is really sad about statement of Mistri.