Do you love to listen to Apple Music, isn’t it? Yes, but not affordable to spend $9.99/ month. Ok, don’t worry Apple is serving Music for just half of its price, only if you are a Student.

Probably, Apple is trying to defeat its competitor Spotify, SoundCloud, Tidal and others. Earlier in this week, Apple launched a new plan to subscribe to boost to its streaming music services. Get ready folks enjoy Apple Music services to half of its price only if you are a student.

Apple is introducing a student plan in this summer which will discount you by 50 percent for those who got enrolled in college or university.

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Whereas in U.S., individual membership to Apple costs to $9.99/ month, family plan to six members costs $14.99/ month (whereas Spotify allows only two users to share an account). But if you are a student from eligible College or University you can get it for just $4.99/ month.

This student membership is not only for U.S., but also to all other countries including Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Australia, U.K, and Denmark can also avail the advantage of student membership option.

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Nevertheless, the student offers $4.99/ month is not for all the countries as the price slightly makes a difference. So, irrespective of the amount you can avail 50 percent discount on the standard subscription price.

Does the Student Membership have any Tenure?

Yes, it is available for consecutive four years following your signup and thus no need for continuity. In other words, if you have breaks in a semester though you can still sign up for a student membership when you returned to school.

Whomsoever, attending college or university, regardless of degree can avail this option from Apple student group. Students who are new or existing subscribers can start from May 6th onwards. Change the membership option and signup and enjoy regardless.

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The Apple Company also work on a student verification tech provider, UNiDAY, to make sure that those who sign up as the student enrolled in college or university. The company recently stated that it has 13 million subscribers earlier in this year.

In general, Apple also provides student membership to its Hardware with a valid student ID card.


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