Amazon made the process of repurchasing the favorite items from its online store easier now. The company announced that they added virtual Dash buttons on Thursday. Users can find these buttons on its homepage and mobile Amazon App.

The e-commerce giant lets you click to buy the products such as medicine, paper towels, household items, pet supplies and much more. The virtual Dash buttons enable one-click buying facility on its app and its official web portal.

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The online retailer decided to launch Virtual Dash buttons due to the physical version popularity. It also depends on the people choose to use them instead of just shopping regular way. Unlike physical buttons, people can create virtual Dash buttons for any millions of products that are Available on Amazon Prime.

Users can organize their Virtual Dash Buttons and can delete which you don’t want. People can even add more from a dedicated Dash buttons dashboard. If you have accidentally clicked the buy button, you will have 30-minute window to cancel that unplanned order.These virtual Dash buttons are currently available only for the Amazon Prime subscribers. So it’s an advantage for the Prime users while doing the shopping and easy two-day shipping.

These Virtual ones can be linked to any Prime compatible product on Amazon, unlike the physical buttons.

For example, if you want to buy the new Apple iPhone 7 from Amazon every day? Weird and crazy thought right! Go for it if you are a crazy person. These Dash buttons will automatically add to the gallery for the respective products which frequently re-ordered. These new Virtual buttons are available on the web and the mobile app.


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