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Amazon Adds Virtual Dash Buttons on its Homepage

Amazon made the process of repurchasing the favorite items from its online store easier now. The company announced that they added virtual Dash buttons on Thursday. Users can find these buttons on its homepage and mobile Amazon App.

The e-commerce giant lets you click to buy the products such as medicine, paper towels, household items, pet supplies and much more. The virtual Dash buttons enable one-click buying facility on its app and its official web portal.

Amazon Announced Great Indian Sale Offers Huge Discounts on Products

The online retailer decided to launch Virtual Dash buttons due to the physical version popularity. It also depends on the people choose to use them instead of just shopping regular way. Unlike physical buttons, people can create virtual Dash buttons for any millions of products that are Available on Amazon Prime.

Users can organize their Virtual Dash Buttons and can delete which you don’t want. People can even add more from a dedicated Dash buttons dashboard. If you have accidentally clicked the buy button, you will have 30-minute window to cancel that unplanned order.These virtual Dash buttons are currently available only for the Amazon Prime subscribers. So it’s an advantage for the Prime users while doing the shopping and easy two-day shipping.

These Virtual ones can be linked to any Prime compatible product on Amazon, unlike the physical buttons.

For example, if you want to buy the new Apple iPhone 7 from Amazon every day? Weird and crazy thought right! Go for it if you are a crazy person. These Dash buttons will automatically add to the gallery for the respective products which frequently re-ordered. These new Virtual buttons are available on the web and the mobile app.

Buy Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus along with Apple iPad Pro models with Citibank card and avail Rs 23000 cashback

Apple and Citibank are now partnered for offering the special combo iPhone and iPad to their customers. The users who are having the plan to purchase both iPhone and iPad can go through with this combo offer. Customers who buy an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus can claim the cashback up to Rs 23000 cash back on the purchase of an iPad.

In a similar way, the offer works for the users those who are buying an iPad and claim the cashback up to the same amount if they purchase the latest iPhone models. This special Apple and Citibank iPhone-iPad combo will be only available at the selected Apple-Authorized stores.

The main to be noticed is that the cashback is available only for the Citibank credit card customers. To avail this offer, the user has to purchase the iPhone and the iPad using the same card, same mobile number and from the same store. The mobile number should provide at the time of purchase.

Apple iPhone 7 review: Apple Moniker Says it all

This Offer started on Friday, i.e., 18 November 2023 and it lasts until 31 December 2023. Customers are eligible to make four transactions during the offer period with two transactions allowed in each month.

Customers who are purchasing an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus can be able to get the cashback of Rs 17000. If they also want to buy an iPad mini 2 or the iPad mini four they can avail Rs 18000. If they purchase iPad Air 2 then Rs. 23000 can claim on the purchase of any iPad Pro model.

The additional instant savings on these models is also available in the store. Check out them

  • Rs 2800 on iPad mini 2 (effective price Rs 2100 after cash back and savings)
  • ₹ 2900 on iPad Air 2 (effective price Rs 11000)
  • Rs 5900 on iPad Pro 9.7-inch (effective price Rs 21000)

These cashback amounts will credit to the respective Citibank Credit Cards within 90 days after the purchase. Check out the terms and conditions before buying. Click here to know the T&C https://goo.gl/YSZZkC.

For More Updates: Techfactslive

Change Your Name and Get a iPhone 7 for Free: Unique Offer in Ukraine

iPhone 7 for Free ?

In a unique way, Apple iPhone 7 has been offered for free to the first five Ukrainians who change their name to iPhone 7. Yes, it is true. The offer is declared by a local retailer ‘Allo.’ The offer with the terms and conditions clearly explained is a different one to hear among the routine ones.

The Allo has stated that the first five people who apply for the change of their names should send a passport photograph and the name changing letter issued by the local government authorities. Thy, in fact, should carry the originals while collecting personally the Black colored Apple iPhone 7. It is free.

Now you can get Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus for Flat Rs 10000 Off on MRP

Such an offer is interesting to hear. As everyone knows that the name change might not cost as much as the purchase of the iPhone 7 model. So very easy to make the offer available. No complications too in just changing the name. But remember, the name should be strict “Sim iPhone 7”.

Though awkward and new to hear such a name for a person, getting a free iPhone is the main achievement for those who decide to do so. Many locals think that the name change won’t be so much problematic as the friends and relatives will, however, call by the name that is kept a year long back. Only the record will have the name change. Those who do not travel abroad and Passports unnecessary individuals can avail the offer with joy.

In the past, we already heard of Apple fanboys. The Allo store is, however, did not claim any of the individual coming to them for grabbing the said offer.

Get Apple iPhone 7 at Rs 1700/- with Aadhaar Card

In Ukraine, the Apple iPhone costs nearly $1,000 which is a huge amount for them to afford. This is just the offer that is declared by the local retail seller of the iPhones, and the Apple does not have any involvement in this.

Apple iPhone 7 review: Apple Moniker Says it all

iPhone 7 Review

No other phone made success at creating an interest as the Apple iPhone does. The brand Apple remained something that people aspire to even after a decade of its launch. The much anticipation before its launch had set a benchmark for this version too.

Be it fanfare or criticism, Apple always stands high at each release of the newer version of iPhone. Apple iPhone 7 launched in the previous month could be the worst secret the company has revealed. Earlier leaks of the new iPhone almost gave the accurate image of how the phone is going to be like.

This time, the California-based tech giant has come up with improved features which never let loyalists to disappointment. Let’s get into the Apple iPhone 7 review and have a look at specs and features what Apple has stored in for its users.


If you are an existing user of iPhone series, you’ll definitely feel home with the new design. With the two new colors-Jet Black and Black, Apple iPhone 7 will surely leave an impression like no other handset could provide. Unlike iPhone 5C, the phone made out of metal which ensures a smooth grip without being slippery.

Another Simple Black color replaces the Space Grey colors in the previous models. Other colors include Gold, Silver and Rose Gold. Size and shape of the new iPhone 7 are almost similar to its earlier models. The antenna bands curves around the ends and the round camera nub remains same. The top and bottom bezels in the new Apple iPhone7 design offer a less screen space of 4.7 inches concerning its size.

The home button of the phone, enhanced with capacitive touch sensitivity which actually works by just a tap. Apple ditches the 3.5mm headphone jack, and this is going to be a big issue for some users. As a part of improved features, loudspeaker grille adjusted in the bottom edge, and you will be availing a wireless headphone option called AirPods.


New iPhone7 sports the same 4.7 inches screen as of iPhone 6S without any addition in pixels. Thus, the display resolution of 1334 x 750 with a pixel density of 326ppi remained same, and Apple calls it as “Retina.” Essentially, iPhone 7 is plenty sharp, and you won’t find any blocky Pixels unless you house it in a VR headset.

Recalling the Fact is that Apple is always a real winner when it comes to the screen resolution. And now, iPhone 7’s display is much richer than any of the smartphones with its wide DCI-P3 color gamut. This new hardware component is earlier found in the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, iMac and used in filmmaking. Everything looks so realistic with the enhanced display with extended color range.

The IPS LCD screen is good at its skin look, Colours are punchier, natural and dark scenes look splendid. Display performance never lags behind even in sunlight, it is brighter and less reflective too.


iPhone 7 packs a new A10 Fusion quad core processor which is for the first time Apple is using a quad-core CPU. The smartphone have kept the same 2 gigs of RAM as of 6S but seems plenty. You can run many apps at the same time and switch between them is smooth and fast.

A 10 Fusion quad core processor doesn’t use all the four cores at once. Two of the powerful cores are engaged for the heavy usage like 3D games, Multitasking or so. The other two low powered are efficient and perfect for simple tasking like sending a text or using email app.

The new iPhone 7 is 12% more powerful than the Samsung Galaxy S7 and found 30% faster than its predecessor. The device performs faster than iPhone 6S when compared with both running iOS 10. The 6S open the apps quickly and found a bit slower when trying to minimize by pressing the home button.

It would be great, if Apple rolls out the A10 processor in the next version of iPad Pro. “This is the most powerful phone I’ve ever used,” reads a statement from benchmark results.

iOS 10 and Apps

Apple iPhone 7 comes bundled with the updated version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 10. As the company is always good at offering excellent user experience with each new update, iOS 10 is also successful in keep up the same.

Without any major changes in OS, all the improvements are found to be positive. iMessage comes equipped with added features of Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp all rolled into one. Apple Music now has a better design and much simpler way to download music to your device.

Apple is trying to fill the gap which its users are missing out for not being an Android user. As a part of it, the updated lock screen, Control Center and Notifications are a bit less glamorous. Siri update is also a part of new iOS 10 and also allows you to delete unused default apps.

3D touch is another updated feature observed first in iPhone 6S which offers more options depending upon harder you press the screen.

Water Resistant

Apple iPhone 7 gained a generation with the water resistant feature and now is IP67 rated water and dust resistant device. This could not be the first to be a water-resistant phone, but the feature will inevitably reduce the risk of damaging the phone over a water sink. This could also be one of the reasons for the changeover of the Home button. New iPhone 7 can now withstand water submerge up to 30 minutes.


It seems Apple has cracked the sound issue, persisting in the iPhone range. The company has doubled the top volume in the iPhone 7 which is quite an acceptable thing. You can rely upon the speaker and enjoy your favorite tune on high volume without connecting to a Bluetooth speaker.

There are two speakers out now, one at the bottom grille and another pumping out straight from the earphone slot. You can get a little stereo separation but the speaker positioning to too close to notice the effect. Sadly, whole speaker department failed to take over Samsung Galaxy S range with stereo Boomsound speakers. Nonetheless, you can get a great audio experience if you switch on to earphones.


Updated camera in the new iPhone 7 is one of the awaited and expected upgrade from Apple. The 12 MP camera on the rear and 7 MP camera on the front are well at performing its duty by driving the software intelligence to the pics. The camera sensor is the thing which always appreciated in Apple’s devices.

Apple iPhone 7 packs a new six-optic lens, a wider f/1.8 aperture and OIS (optical image stabilization), all these together leads to a better performance in low-light. You will surely appreciate the camera if you like clicking photos at night in dingy bars or restaurants.

Availing an OIS feature for a smaller phone is the most welcoming thing as it is reserved for the Plus models in the past. This would be a great stop by Samsung Follower who believed Galaxy S7 is the strongest phone camera till date.

Samsung Galaxy 7 performs impressively in good light condition when compared. But, it’s iPhone 7 that stands out in very low light or tricky mixed lighting.

Battery life

Sadly, iPhone 7 battery life found to be a drawback for the device. It seems to be a strange thing in the case where the smartphone carries larger 2900mAh battery than iPhone 6S. It does resist it drain in some cases, mainly when not in use.

The company claims the iPhone 7 has an extended battery life by two hours than iPhone 6S. However, iPhone 7 reportedly has the shortest battery life when compared to the 6S Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Unfortunately, it doesn’t even fall close to tiny iPhone SE at least.

Turning down the brightness to quarter extends the battery life by 15%. A small boon is that the device charges reasonably quick. It gets charged about 81% from empty in just a span of one hour and takes less than 90 minutes for a full charge. This might not be a really fast charging, but not too bad either.

The only hope to fix the battery problem is a software update which company should issue as a remedy.


iPhone 7 is a good upgrade option for those who own iPhone 6 or something older than that. The quality product from Apple is quite incremental and would be in the top ranked phones for the next few months. The extended inbuilt storage ensures a triple unfold. Undoubtedly, iPhone 7 series will lead the competition in the segment as Apple moniker says it all.

Image Source: Apple

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to Release in India Today : Best offers, Discount prices

The much-awaited launch, Apple’s iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus is going to end. The company has officially launching the two new devices today in India. Bothe iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus are undoubtedly the advanced smartphones yet from Apple.

After a month of the launch, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to go on sale today in India. Unlike of every year, Apple launches its Indian version mobiles in midnights. But this year, the company is all set to launch at 7 PM IST on Friday.

iPhone 7 series will be coming in three variants depending upon the storage.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Pre-booking on Flipkart Starts Midnight

iPhone 7 Price in India
  • iPhone 7- 32GB priced at Rs. 60000
  • iPhone 7- 128GB priced at Rs. 70000
  • iPhone 7- 256GB priced at Rs. 80000
iPhone 7 Plus Price in India
  • iPhone 7 Plus - 32GB priced at Rs. 72000
  • iPhone 7 Plus- 128GB priced at Rs. 82000
  • iPhone 7 Plus- 256GB priced at Rs. 92000
Some Interesting features about iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus both features 4.7 inch (750×1334 pixels) and 5.5 inches (1080×1920 pixels) displays with the pixel density of 326ppi and 401ppi respectively. The breakthrough new camera system is featured for both devices where, iPhone 7 has a 12-megapixel rear camera with f/1.8 aperture and iPhone 7 Plus comes with 12megapixel telephoto lens camera with a f/2.8 aperture.

The devices are coupled with 2GB and 3GB RAMs which are extended upto 32/126/256 GB. Both the mobiles have A10 Fusion processor under the hood which gives the best performance. The best battery life among all the iPhones and the both smartphones are dust and water resistance.

Spot the Fake and Original iPhone 7

iPhone 7 and i Phone 7 Plus discount offers
  • 10,000 flat off under Cashback and this offer is available for Citi Bank Citi Credit cards only.
  • The new online retailer Tata Cliq is also offering Rs. 10,000 Cashback of HDFC Credit and Debit cards.
  • Flipkart is also providing EMI options (starting at Rs.2910 on iPhone7, Rs. 3,967 on iPhone 7 Plus) and exchange offers. You can get upto Rs. 24,500 off on exchange.
  • On Snapdeal EMI on iPhone 7 starts at Rs. 2,852 and iPhone 7 Plus EMI starts at Rs. 3,898.
  • Amazon is giving gift card to its Prime service users of Rs 500 on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. And it also offering a gift card worth of Rs.4000 to customers who exchange their old phones for an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus

Get Apple iPhone 7 at Rs 1700/- with Aadhaar Card

As the official launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is today, among online stores, Flipkart will be selling the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus from 7 PM, so iPhone lovers get ready to grab the latest mobile from Apple. Users can also get iPhone 7 series from Apple stores and other Apple partners.

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