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Amazon Adds Virtual Dash Buttons on its Homepage

Amazon made the process of repurchasing the favorite items from its online store easier now. The company announced that they added virtual Dash buttons on Thursday. Users can find these buttons on its homepage and mobile Amazon App.

The e-commerce giant lets you click to buy the products such as medicine, paper towels, household items, pet supplies and much more. The virtual Dash buttons enable one-click buying facility on its app and its official web portal.

Amazon Announced Great Indian Sale Offers Huge Discounts on Products

The online retailer decided to launch Virtual Dash buttons due to the physical version popularity. It also depends on the people choose to use them instead of just shopping regular way. Unlike physical buttons, people can create virtual Dash buttons for any millions of products that are Available on Amazon Prime.

Users can organize their Virtual Dash Buttons and can delete which you don’t want. People can even add more from a dedicated Dash buttons dashboard. If you have accidentally clicked the buy button, you will have 30-minute window to cancel that unplanned order.These virtual Dash buttons are currently available only for the Amazon Prime subscribers. So it’s an advantage for the Prime users while doing the shopping and easy two-day shipping.

These Virtual ones can be linked to any Prime compatible product on Amazon, unlike the physical buttons.

For example, if you want to buy the new Apple iPhone 7 from Amazon every day? Weird and crazy thought right! Go for it if you are a crazy person. These Dash buttons will automatically add to the gallery for the respective products which frequently re-ordered. These new Virtual buttons are available on the web and the mobile app.

Amazon Pre Black Friday Alexa Exclusive deals

Are you planning to do pre black Friday shopping? Then you can use the opportunity of Alexa exclusive deals. You can do voice shopping with the assistance of Alexa. If you give a command “Alexa what are your deals” then it will show you the deals. This Amazon Pre Black Friday sale will be from 18th Nov to 21st Nov 2016

Amazon has given the discount on many items, so choose your product now. Many people have a dream to buy the particular product but due to high price tag they can’t afford that product. Now you got a chance to shop your desired product. This offer is exclusively for prime members.

If you want to order any product with Alexa, then please say “Alexa order that particular item.” Then it will book your order.

LeEco’s Black Friday sale Offers Le Pro3, uMax85, and more along with exciting bundle offers.

Here the offers are given like this

Stuhrling legacy watch is getting for $147 with a discount of $79. To shop this product, you must say, “Alexa order a Stuhrling Legacy”.

Amazon tap sling cover is getting for $14.99 with a discount of $5. To shop this product, you must say, “Alexa order an Amazon tap sling cover”.

Samsung LED Tv is getting for $119 with a discount of $78. To shop this product, you must say, “Alexa order a Samsung Tv.”

You can find Alexa in various products like Amazon Echo, Amazon tap, echo dot, fire tv, and fire tablets. After having any one of these products, you can have the option to do voice shopping.

By this voice search not only ordering items you can also ask “ Alexa order a gift card,” “ Alexa where are my deals,” Alexa where is my stuff” like that you can ask questions to Alexa. It will give you answers. How to shop Amazon Pre Black Friday deals: Just Click here: https://www.amazon.com/b?node=14552177011

For More Deals: Techfactslive

Google Launches Shop the Look to Let You Search Through Outfit Design

Google is specialized in Search, internet-related services and products. Google Search provides users to access information online. Google Now, which provides information is launching Shop the Look feature lets the individual search and shop by outfit.

Though Google is the pioneer in Search engine operations, it has got its limitations these days. The social apps like Snap Chat and Instagram has confined the search operations to an extent. In fact, major content lies in the social messaging apps now a days.

To break this ice, Google has started introduced the “Shop the Look” feature so that at least a piece of the missing content could be indexed in the search. This is more relevant to the fashion designing world. The images of the clothing and designs will be the base of search. The new feature will enable the fashion bloggers to make their content available on Google Search engine on one hand and on the other it facilitates the customer to directly purchase the product through provided link.

Google to Develop “Bharat Saves” Website to Help Customers Save and Invest Money

Google has already holding talks with the companies that are in fashion field. Agreements with two major companies have not yet been finalized in this regard. Once done, the revenue will be shared between Google, Product selling company and the content creator who placed the content in top.

This is mutually beneficiary feature for both Google and the platform user’s as their product will be visible to more number of people. At the same time, Google will be involved in the grabbing the traffic.

Huawei Made 7 inch Google Pixel Tablet to Release this Year

There is one more aspect from Google’s point. It can integrate the new feature with “Shopping campaign ad product”. This will result in making the product appear in search results in the form of an ad which in turn profitable to the business retailer.

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