Chinese company Alibaba Group’s mobile Operating System YunOS. ‘AliCloud’ a subsidiary company of Alibaba developed this OS. This OS deals with Linux Distribution for smartphones based on the Android Open Source project. Now, 5 years of its successful run, the company is making plans to surpass Android in China.

 This world’s third largest operating system in mobiles mainly deals with cloud functionality in mobiles. YunOS features cloud-based Web search, e-mail, weather updates and GPS navigation tools. The Aliyun services will synchronise and store call data, photos and text messages in the cloud for access across other devices, including personal computers.

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Now the company reached 70million users for its OS and this is a huge number when compared to its popularity outside China. YunOS beat Apple’s iOS in China during the first quarter of this financial year. By the end of the last year, the company grew 700% and made the third biggest OS after Android and iOS.

 The company is now aiming to grow regarding figures and expand the number of users. The company is making its move to reach 100 million by the end of this year. This might allow the company to reach a share of 20 to 25 percent in China market. YunOS is presently is expanding among the variety of different smartphones from various brands.  Over 17 million of smartphones were shipped in China between January and March comprising of small domestic brands like Duower and Meizu.

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 To grow YunOS user base, Alibaba invested more than $590 million to obtain a major share in Chinese smartphone maker Meizu. The company is planning to make the launch of its internet connected smart car next month. Apart from smartphones, YunOS can also be used in the internet TV, smart set-top box, smart home and other gadgets.

The company is working on moving ahead in coming months with the OS and all these various plans and projects.