Airbus Group which is a multinational that manufactures Civil Aircraft. It has planned to test a flying car as a part of avoiding the traffic jam on city roads by the end of this year. The Aerospace Group Chief Executive Office has revealed this news recently.

Airbus last year set up a division called Urban Air Mobility that is discovering concepts such as a vehicle to transport people or a helicopter model vehicle that can carry multiple riders. The primary purpose of introducing this self-piloted car is to book the vehicle using an app, similar to car-sharing schemes.

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Airbus CEO Tom Enders in Munich said, “One hundred years ago, urban transport went underground, now we have the technical ability to go above ground.” He attended for a DLD Digital Tech Conference in Munich and also added that the Airbus could fly a demo vehicle for single-person transport by the end of the year.”

“We are still in testing phase and we take this development very seriously. Using the Skyways could also reduce costs for city structure planners. With Flying, you don’t need to spend billions on concrete bridges and roads,” he added.

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Tom Enders told Airbus, popularly known as the World’s biggest commercial Aircraft makers wanted to spend more on making the most of the new technologies such as autonomous driving and artificial intelligence, to guide in what amounts to an era of flying cars. He also said that if we ignore these latest developments undoubtedly, we will be pushed out of the important segments of the business.”

However, Airbus spokesperson declined to say how much the company was investing on this project. We will update as soon as we receive the latest information regarding the same.