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University Grants Commission (UGC) asked all the universities to ensure that, the student’s academic certificates, degree certificates must contain a photograph and their Aadhaar Number. The centre has ordered all the vice chancellors to immediately introduce the Personal Identification Mechanism as a part of security measures.

By attaching the Aadhaar Number on the student’s academic certificates will be most helpful at the time loss of certificates. The University Grants Commission sought out all the security measures and ordered the universities to include the Aadhaar Number on academic certificates from now onwards.

“Such inscriptions, you would agree, will go a long way in uniformly marking a student’s personal identity and other associated details,” said by the UGC Secretary Jaspal S Sandhu.

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According to the reports, the other details must also be inscribed on the certificates are Name of the institution in which student is enrolled and Mode of Education, i.e., Regular, Distance and Part-time. The latest directive was announced by UGC and also approved the proposal for granting the security measures for the academic or degree certificates.

“lt is important that these details are mentioned correctly on academic certificates which are used by students throughout their lives for various purposes and ends. I would be glad if you (vice chancellors) immediately implement these proposals in the interests of students in particular and system of higher education in general,” Sandhu said.