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Recently Whatsapp has introduced the video calls in the beta version. Now it is coming with the new feature in status tab getting inspiration from the snap chat story feature.

By this feature, they can take photos& videos and share with their restricted friends. Instagram also adopted this feature from Snapchat with the name of Instagram stories.

After updating this feature, you can take a quick photo or video and send it your selected contacts, you can also edit your photo in your style. Upto now our status can be seen to all our friends or else it will be hidden for all friends. But now by this feature your status will be visible to your selected contact list.

 Whatsapp Will Not Support to Few Smartphones After December 31

Already Instagram has already launched this feature, now WhatsApp also adopted this feature for users convenience. But this feature is only enjoyed by the users of WhatsApp beta version and its works only in the rooted Android Smartphone or Apple Smartphone.

After updating the status tab, you will get the four tabs, in that you can see the options of chats, status, calls and camera. By this camera option, you can take the photos and videos. By the next three options you can chat, make calls and update your status. You can set the status as you want, like in other sites you can doodle your images and videos, edit as you want and share it with your restricted friends.

WhatsApp Video Calling Feature Beta Version Download Live on Android

Whereas in snap chat there is limited time for photos and videos after sharing but WhatsApp didn’t introduce the time limit. Soon we can see many new updates in the whatsapp.

How to get Whatsapp status feature

For that, you must have a beta version of WhatsApp if not register yourself as a tester here. After completing it, go to play store and download the latest build. To use the feature, you must have to download this app then you can enjoy the features