Soon, you may not find “inbox” in facebook messenger. The social networking giant is making a major push toward its web version of the messenger application. Facebook web messenger introduced a couple of years ago, is now replacing the traditional inbox concept with this. This new interface of the private chat application is going to change the present messaging experience.

As the change has been initiated across the world, users can spot the messenger icon at present. However, the change witnessing is something above the tests. The tests are presumably performed on local basis subjecting a particular sector of an audience.

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You’ll notice a few slight changes in the user interface when you upgrade the new Messenger interface on As of now, the Messenger icon has replaced the previous inbox icon, and the change slowly takes place. Facebook hasn’t made any announcement regarding any change happening. Few users are demanding the old inbox interface to be returned.

PC: Techcrunch

“I do understand that some of you are not using either the Messenger app or Maybe you don’t have a smartphone, maybe you just want to use Facebook products exclusively on your computer, and we do respect that,” says, Facebook head David Marcus.

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Discussing the new FB web messenger, it’ll redirect to directly when you click on it. “Messenger” on the left side of the screen lists those friends you had recently chatted with. The center of the interface will display the selected chat session.

The right-hand side of the screen provides access to other features in the Facebook, web messenger. Above that, it also displays the name of your friend in the selected chat. Other features in the new Facebook web messenger are edit nicknames, change emoji, change the chat’s color and mute notifications.

A link to the person’s Facebook profile is also provided for easy access. And just below that, you also observe photos shared with that person in Messenger. On the other hand, you also get a call, video call buttons to initiate calls and an “i” icon button.


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