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Samsung announced a digital campaign called #WishUponMyGalaxy

Samsung shares the spirit of this Christmas season with its Galaxy users by launching #WishUponMyGalaxy campaign. This unique digital engagement campaign has been conceptualized by Cheil India to embrace holiday cheer in users.

#WishUponMyGalaxy campaign is designed to share one’s wish and bringing it alive for the users! Samsung encourages its users to share their wishes using MyGalaxy app on their smartphones. Samsung claims to promises to bring a smile on their user’s face with this campaign.

My Galaxy app users will get a chance to chill out with peppy songs. Few users will be selected and put in the spotlight with a customized animated song. The music videos in the app are a visual treat and are being sung with user’s wishes in mind.

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“Samsung is very close to our hearts. Samsung always encourages us to go beyond our boundaries of creativity and captivate the audience in a unique manner. #WishUponMyGalaxy dwells on a high emotion – joy of surprising people. The campaign is all about touching the hearts of the people, and we believe it has been brought alive in a very engaging manner,” says, Sanjeev Jasani, Digital head, Cheil India.

The company announces that the campaign ends on 24 December and is getting amazing responses from My Galaxy users. The campaign has witnessed over 10 thousand wishes in the first two days, and the thematic video has marked over 4 lakh views.

Airtel Offers 9GB Free Data at Price of 1 GB Data for Samsung Galaxy J Series Smartphones

A Sim card partnering with smartphones is not new to us. In the past Reliance, mobile network gave free Reliance jio sim with unlimited preview offer to Samsung Galaxy customers. This worked well for them in increasing the users.

In a move to counter the customer base of Reliance jio sim cards, Airtel has dome something similar collaborating with Samsung.

Airtel launched Super-Powerful Offer through which it is offering  10GB of data at the cost of just 1GB. Customers who recharge for 1GB data costing 250 INR will get 9GB free data in addition. But the point lies here, the offer is applicable only on selected Samsung devices, particularly Samsung  J series smartphones.

This offer is applicable for prepaid customers only. The company stated that post paid customers would be having similar offer in the near future.

Airtel launches ‘myPlan Infinity’ with unlimited calling for Post-Paid Customers

The prepaid customers can avail this offer till December 31st 2016 for three recharges. The free data is valid until 28 days. The handsets for which the offer is applicable are

  • Galaxy J2 2015
  • Galaxy J2 2016
  • Galaxy J5 2015
  • Galaxy J5 2016
  • Galaxy J7 2015
  • Galaxy J7 2016
  • Galaxy J Max
  • Galaxy J2 Pro

The Samsung Galaxy owners can go now insert Airtel sim cards and avail the offer using the mobile data. The free 9GB 3G balance will be available to use as night data from 12 Am to 6 AM in all 3G circles. For 4G services, 4G free data will be available. The users need to turn on mobile data and go to airtel.in to avail the offer.

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Will this trick to curb Reliance Jio customer base, work for Airtel? How many of them feel this offer is worth using? Well for the results We need to wait and see.

Samsung’s profit gushes with 2-year high on Galaxy Smartphone Sales

Samsung Profits Reaches peak point in two years

Samsung Electronics Co reported on Thursday that the earnings results that were the best in two years as consumers have snapped up their Galaxy smartphones. This is a sign that the company is getting back and on the other hand, the rival companies fail to deliver the new smartphones.Samsung Profits increase reaching highest mark in last 2 years.The South Korean company says “The net income from April and June has roes with the 2 percent over the year and earlier to 5.85 trillion won when compared with the 5.75 trillion won in the previous year.”

Samsung Released Biggest Consumer SSD ever with 4TB Storage Capacity

This is somewhat higher than the predictions, and the things have been revised up in the recent months and to reflect stronger than the sales that are expected for the new smartphones. The analysts have forecasted that the net income of 5.79 trillion won.

These are the reports given by the FactSet, one of the financial data provider.The sales were increased from 5 percent to 50.94 trillion ($45 billion) won, while on the other hand, the operating profit has surged with 18% to 8.14 trillion won ($7.19 billion) in the line with the company’s guidance in the starting of this month.

Samsung to Launch Samsung Pay Mini Availability on third party Android and IOS devices

Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone maker which beats the predictions even with the growth in the entire smartphone industry and with their rival Apple, which is world’s second-largest smartphone maker, struggles to lead their sales for the iPhones.Earlier in this week, Apple reported that there is 27% drop in the profits and the hit by the decline in their sales of the iPhone.

Samsung has introduced their first ever edge flagship smartphones series in the previous year which is featured with the curved displays on both the corners of the device. As it failed to gain the demand after the release for the issues and troubles raised into the mass producing of the curved displays in the year 2015.

Samsung beats Apple by One Point in a Customer Satisfaction Survey in US

After the success of the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones, this boosted the Samsung’s component businesses like never before. Samsung says that there is the higher demand for the flexible displays for the S7 edge and the healthy sales of the other flagship smartphones. This sale also includes the other components like OLED or the organic light-emitting diode; display panels were raised higher. This helps in increasing the growth of the sales of the Samsung smartphones and the components. Therefore, Samsung dominates the global supply of OLED display panels for mobile phones from the other manufacturing companies.

Samsung to Launch Samsung Pay Mini Availability on third party Android and IOS devices

Samsung had launched the Samsung Pay mobile application. Samsung Pay app let the user store all his card details in the wallet very securely. It acts as a digital wallet. This Application allows the users to pay the bill without your card at the billing desk. At the end of 2015, Samsung has released Samsung Pay application, and this hasn’t created the huge impact since it is only available for the Samsung phone owners. Finally, Samsung has decided to release the Samsung Pay Mini Application, which is provided on the third party Android and IOS devices.

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Soon the Samsung Pay Mini is provided for the Android smartphones and Samsung phones along with the IOS devices. Samsung wants to increase the user base in using the Samsung Pay Mini app, so Samsung is planning to release for Android and IOS devices.

How to use the Samsung Pay Mini?

Open the Samsung Pay Mini Application authorise with your fingerprint or with the secure pin. To make the payment just place the device close to the swiping machine where you make the payment. Tap your card when you place the device near the terminal. You are done with the payment. NFC technology is used as the connection between the device and the terminal.

Samsung Showcases a New Fully Flexible OLED Smartphone Screen Prototype

Currently, the Samsung Pay is available for the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+ and Note5. Only a few cards are compatible with the Samsung pay.

The Samsung Pay Mini Application will work on the Android devices that run Android Marshmallow (v6.0) and the Apple devices running with the IOS8 is compatible to run this application. Samsung might release the app in the month of June, and it is also planning for the application to release the payment version of the application for Windows and OS X platforms.

Samsung’s High-End Family Hub is a $6000 Smart Refrigerator

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