Smartphones are now an essential part of every Individual’s life. In a developed country like the USA, their usage would be more than other nations.

All of us would think that Apple iPhones are the leading smartphones which were favourites to many of the users across the globe. A recent survey proved that all of us were wrong. The results of a recent survey in America stated that the most American clients are glad about a Samsung mobile instead of Apple iPhone.

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The University of Michigan-affiliated American Customer Satisfaction Index conducts an annual survey by interviewing approximately 80,000 Americans from different categories asking about their experience using their mobile phones.

According to the ratings of the users, they would prepare a comprehensive report which has a sorted out list. This year Samsung Galaxy Note 5 stands on top of the list with a score of 86 pushing Apple’s iPhone 6S Plus to the second spot. Even though the difference between the two is a single point, it is enough for judging the winner.

The third and fourth places are filled by Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note four each with 84 points followed by iPhone S6 with 86 points.

Looking at the Statistics, one would notice two important points. First one is that the top 10 list contains only one non-Samsung and a non-Apple phone that is Moto-G. The second one is the clear dominance of the two big guns in the marketing competing fiercely for the number one position.

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Another noticeable fact is Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge taken the tenth and eight places respectively. The smartphone duo is said to be Samsung’s major phones which brought the company to the top place. But most customers are happy with the Galaxy Note four may be due to the Battery removal and SD card options.

Whereas coming to the overall cellular phone sections Apple remains top with 1% change and Samsung moves to the second position having 0% change. However, this is not the first time Apple is being defeated by Samsung in the ACSI survey which is being continued as a tradition for years now.


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