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Now Red Dead Revolver Officially Released for PS4, Watch Video and Get Direct Download Link

red dead revolver

Since this summer, Xbox One users have been playing Red Dead Redemption. But Sony’s fans have been left out in the cold on PlayStation 4. Now, that’s changing. This game’s progenitor, Red Dead Revolver, is the latest PlayStation 2 port from Rockstar Games to grace PS4.

You don’t have to wait a week for the game to roam over to the US PlayStation Store, similar to the past instances. Usually playing on the PS4 renders you 1080p upscaling, and it also supports for trophies, Shareplay, Remote Play.

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If you still having the PS Vita or uninstalled the PlayStation app from your mobile gizmo, game manuals through your second screen on your choice. This game was released in 2004, and the Red Dead Revolver made by Rockstar’s San Diego team.

Like you, all knew this is a good game have its right, and it was covered by the scale and depth of its sequel. This redemption hasn’t gained more from its first game. It is often forgotten that there was another Red Dead game before it.

Red Dead Revolver is the first ever game in Red Dead series which have been released once again on the PlayStation 4. This isn’t the Red Dead game which has been calling for, but this is the good one to see the original getting some love.

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Red Dead Revolver Action game from the Rockstar Games developers. The Play Station version was released on Released Oct 11, 2016. This violence and bloodshed action game are about 1.8 GB (https://goo.gl/ss5ojm) to download. Red Dead Revolver is available for  $14.99 with file size 1.8GB

ADR1FT Is All Set To Hit The PS4 Gaming Console On 15th July

“ADR1FT” PS4 Release Date Is Set For July 15th, Xbox One Release Is Scheduled In September.

ADR1FT, the first-person survival game on a damaged space station will be available soon on Sony’s PS4 gaming console. The game is the first one from Three One Zero, a company which was formed by the former Microsoft Xbox team member Adam Orth. Three One Zero’s official website revealed that the PlayStation 4 version of the game is all set for release on Friday July 15, in U.S. and Europe via PSN digital-only. It is also noted that the “immersive First Person Experience (FPX)” game will be made available for $19.99.

Adam Orth, in a post stated that it has been their dream since the beginning to release the game on PS4 and having to finally attain it “feels incredible.” A tweet by Orth on 8th July states the release date – “ADR1FT launches on @PlayStation in North America and Europe July 15th for $19.99.”

According to the PlayStation Lifestyle reports, gamers do not need a PlayStation VR to play ADR1FT. And as a response to a Twitter question, Adam Orth wrote that ADR1FT is a “Regular, non-VR controller-based PS4 game.”

Resident Evil 4 Will Reach PS4 and Xbox One on August 30

Let me give you the description the game – ADR1FT is the story of a Commander Alex Oshima who wakes up floating amongst the wreckage of a destroyed Northstar IV space station with no memory and a badly damaged EVA suit, the survivor fights to determine the cause of the disastrous event which killed the crew on board. Challenges of a player here are to stay alive by exploring the wreckage for special resources and overcome the unkind environment to repair the damaged emergency escape vehicle and finally return home safely.

ADR1FT launch date for the PC platform was postponed earlier so that it would match the release date of Oculus Rift. In February, Three One Zero made an announcement that they had signed a deal with Oculus. And that license permitted gamers to play Adr1ft through Steam using their Oculus Rift VR headset. In addition a HTC Vive version of the game was released in the month of May.

Ustream Support For PS4 Ends in August 2016

Well, ADR1FT is expected to come to the Microsoft’s Xbox One in the month of September, the exact official date of the release has not been announced yet. According to reports the release for Xbox is rumored on September 16. All we can do is wait for the confirmation of the same from the Three Zero One or ADR1FT publisher 505 Games.

Resident Evil 4 Will Reach PS4 and Xbox One on August 30

Resident Evil 4 Is All Set To Reach PS4, Xbox One On August 30

Campcom, the popular video game developer has officially announced the re-release date of survival horror/ action game Resident Evil 4 for modern gaming consoles, PS4 and Xbox One. Originally released in the year 2005 for GameCube and PlayStation 2, Resident Evil 4 is undoubtedly considered as one of the most acclaimed game which is set to reach Microsoft and Sony’s gaming consoles on August 30.

The developer has already re-released the Resident Evil 5, 6 on both PS4 and Xbox One which are available for $20. The Resident Evil 4 will be available with the same price tag and will be available for £15.99 in the U.K., and €19.99 in Europe.

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The new version includes an array of bonus content such as Separate ways, an expansion campaign which will allow you to play as a secret agent Ada Wong, Mercenaries Mode, a beat-the-clock mini game – through which you can quickly unlock weapons by killing deadly zombies. The modern version also packs New Game+ outfits like Ashley’s suit of armor that makes her high-handed in the main game.

“This potent combination of exotic weaponry and dynamic enemy encounters is part of why RE4 was not only incredibly innovative for the wider video game industry, but has stood the test of time,” wrote Tim Turi, Capcom community manager on the company’s Unity blog.

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Campcom at E3 last month announced that Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will hit the PS4, Xbox One consoles and PC in January 2017. If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber you can check out the free demo available on PS4. However the re-releases haven’t reached the platforms in a smooth way. As per the reports the recently re-released Resident Evil 5’s new version has many major issues which mainly include the frame rate. Campcom is now working on Resident Evil 2 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Ustream Support For PS4 Ends in August 2016

Ustream Support For PS4 Ends this August

Sony has announced that starting from 1st August 2016 PS4 users will not be able to enjoy Ustream features.  Play station 4 still continues its support for other streaming services like Twitch, YouTube and Dailymotion. As per the PS4 support message, Ustream features will be ending for viewing broadcasts from “Live from PlayStation” on the Play Station 4, Play Station App, and Play Station Vita following this summer.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we appreciate your understanding,” wrote Sony in a blog post. Company’s support message added, Time of termination of Ustream support may shift depending upon of the region.

‘Titanfall 2 ‘to roll out on October: Confirms debut to PS4

Ps4 was officially launched in the year 2013 and ever since its launch Ustream broadcasting was supported via share button. Japanese electronics manufacturer added YouTube and Dailymotion streaming support last year. Twitch was attained by Amazon in the year 2014 for $970 million which recently publicized support for an eSports league and in-game Streaming.

Sony PlayStation VR headset will knock the market on October 2016 at $399

Well, there was no certain reason was provided by the company for termination of Ustream. The drop of support will definitely upset the Ustream users. And few gamers responded to the company’s Twitter announcement on Monday- “Who uses it anyway?” one gamer wrote. “Holy crap, I forgot about Ustream. They dropped the ball,” other gamer wrote.

‘Titanfall 2 ‘to roll out on October: Confirms debut to PS4

Titanfall 2 to be available in PS4 on October

Video Game lovers always want to play new games and love to get improvements to their favorite games. Recently the trailer of an action game has been launched which would make the game fans happier. Leading Video game Publisher Electronic Arts in association with the developer company Respawn Entertainment had released the 4-minute trailer of the second version of their action shooter game ‘Titanfall’ dubbed as ‘Titanfall 2’.

The game was scheduled to release on 28th of October 2016, while the first version of the game was released way back in the year 2013 by EA and the second version took about three years to hit the market. Titanfall received appreciation and applause from gamers for its concept, but the impact made by the game didn’t last long. Considering this as a set back the developers worked on the drawbacks of the prior version and came back with an answer.

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Major update from the developers includes making the game available to millions of PlayStation 4 users and that is the reason why the demo was only released on “PS4”.However, Respawn Entertainment don’t want to disappoint the loyal fans of the game and will make it available for   Xbox one and PC.

ps4Titan Fall 2 launching on PC,Xbox and

The main drawback with the prior version of the game is the map flow since many faced interruptions in the player movement which make them deviate from the game. The developers updated the problem in the newer version.

Developers also concentrated on the number of “Titans” that are available for play because the original game featured only three different “Titans” and they all played the same, lacking variety. This limitation is cleared by making six new characters available and all the six playing different styles.

The best good thing about the newer version’s game-play trailer is still had all the positives of the original edition.

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These improvements would make the loyal fans of the ‘Titanfall’ love it more. Hope the availability to PS4, and other upgrades would make it to a long-lasting impact, unlike the first edition.

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