Since this summer, Xbox One users have been playing Red Dead Redemption. But Sony’s fans have been left out in the cold on PlayStation 4. Now, that’s changing. This game’s progenitor, Red Dead Revolver, is the latest PlayStation 2 port from Rockstar Games to grace PS4.

You don’t have to wait a week for the game to roam over to the US PlayStation Store, similar to the past instances. Usually playing on the PS4 renders you 1080p upscaling, and it also supports for trophies, Shareplay, Remote Play.

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If you still having the PS Vita or uninstalled the PlayStation app from your mobile gizmo, game manuals through your second screen on your choice. This game was released in 2004, and the Red Dead Revolver made by Rockstar’s San Diego team.

Like you, all knew this is a good game have its right, and it was covered by the scale and depth of its sequel. This redemption hasn’t gained more from its first game. It is often forgotten that there was another Red Dead game before it.

Red Dead Revolver is the first ever game in Red Dead series which have been released once again on the PlayStation 4. This isn’t the Red Dead game which has been calling for, but this is the good one to see the original getting some love.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Available in Stores from Nov 10

Red Dead Revolver Action game from the Rockstar Games developers. The Play Station version was released on Released Oct 11, 2016. This violence and bloodshed action game are about 1.8 GB ( to download. Red Dead Revolver is available for  $14.99 with file size 1.8GB


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