Social networking platform Facebook has announced that it has paired up with Blizzard well known for its computer Game the World of War craft to integrate social logins, live video streaming of its games.

This makes people use Facebook accounts to log into the Blizzard Entertainment computer games. Blizzard is owned by video game publisher Activision, which has its base in California.

In a Joint statement released by the two companies saying that “The move will pave the way for Blizzard game fans to use the leading social network’s live video service to broadcast play in real time.”

The companies said that they are in the process of developing a “Go Live” feature which would give the players option of streaming on-screen action to Facebook timelines. Facebook’s latest attempt clearly suggests that the firm is entering into the video game streaming business which was topped by Twitch and YouTube.

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The Facebook Live API allows users to find friends to play the game and share the game details in the News Feed, and it includes the live footage of the play.

Leo Olebe, the Facebook global sports director, said that “Our collaboration on ‘Overwatch’ demonstrates Facebook’s commitment to partnering with AAA game companies, while further empowering Blizzard gamers to connect and share the content they’re most passionate about with the friends they play with around the world.”

This would be a mutual beneficiary concept which will sum up some social features to Blizzard games and give new shade for Facebook as a platform for sharing, viewing and discussing the play.

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American E-commerce Company Amazon acquired Twitch and its large number of audience in 2014. The deal was of $970 million in cash for the three-year-old Internet Company; it turned to be one of the biggest acquisitions in the Firm’s history.

YouTube gaming made its public debut of the online games where video game lovers can find commentary, live play, on-demand snippets and more.

Another tech enterprise Yahoo also launched its “Yahoo E-sports” two months ago as a web venue for live commentary, tournaments, features, interviews and more for video games as spectator sports.

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Entry of Facebook would make the competition tough for both Amazon’s Twitch and YouTube gaming because of the huge base of users all over the world.


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