Facebook has introduced a new feature which transforms the videos into arty neural work, it turns out the live videos into the works of art. Users of Facebook can use this “Style transfer” app to make your photos and videos more creative.

Up to now we have some apps like Prisma which changes our image into a creative art but now Facebook is introducing machine learning which transforms live videos into creative arts.

Developers of Facebook said “Delivering in the real time in the palm of your hand”. Nowadays videos are one of the important communications in the society, so they stated that they want to give the state of the creative art tools to help you to express yourself.

They have developed this app on the mobile platform on both Android and iOS. They have prepared this style transfer tool in the camera with the help of caffe2go run time and style transfer models.

facebook style transfer code

Developer friendly

Caffe 2 is the platform that ships at full speed on four platforms like CPU, GPU, Android, and IOS. The framework executes with the same language, and it is optimized for each platform.

Training the style transfer models

This style transfer is not a new one. This paper was introduced with the name of the neural algorithm for artistic style in 2015. Now it came to implementation. This caffe2go made the al processing unit fast. But the style transfer models needs to be optimized, ensuring the experience was the real time

Optimizing for effective model size

They are creating the style transfer app to run on new, smaller more efficient models to deliver a high-quality videos running at 20 FPS on iPhone 6.

Improves the quality

Quality is very important in the images or video. So they are trying to provide more quality in the videos and photos. Now Facebook live videos will transform into arty neural work by this app.


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