CEO of the Niantic and world famous game Pokémon Go creator and the John Hanke’s Twitter account has been hacked by the hacker group name called “OurMine”. Earlier this group has hacked the famous personality’s official social network accounts. Although there is no breaching done to the account, many celebrities are the victims by this group.

From the past 24 hours, the hackers got the control over the account of John and posted series of tweets. From these tweets, it is identified that one of the tweets is included with the password of John as “nopass”.

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Yes, this is not the OurMine’s first high-profile hack, they had hacked many high-profile accounts in the past including Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook), William Shatner (Canadian Actor), Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) and Travis Kalanick (American Entrepreneur). Apart from this many organisations even experienced the things from OurMine team.

Now, this time, poor Niantic is the victim of the two separate attacks from the OurMine team. Firstly they attacked by the DDoS attack on the Pokémon Go servers in the month of Mid- July.

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View the image below of the John’s Twitter page where hackers have posted with a #OurMine hashtag in the tweets, and they mentioned that this hack is for Brazil.

 With this incident, this is another reminder to set up the two-factor authentication for many services and to use the complex and unique passwords for each and individual services. The team from OurMine markets the service, and they will supposedly scan the user accounts for the loopholes and the vulnerabilities. All these attacks are mainly done for market stunts for the organisation.


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