Pokemon GO Game Update Resets Game Progress

New Pokemon GO Game Update left many fans in disbelief as the game resets to level one after installing the update. This new Augmented Reality game has been a boon for gamers since past three weeks.

All of sudden, gamers came to realise that all the process in the game were lost after the update installation. This new artificial intelligence AR game was released on July 6 and was a huge success with 9.5 million active users daily.

The game deals with finding fiction characters from real life locations. All the fans of Pokemon GO who installed the update later came to know that downloading the update has led the game resetting itself.

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So gamers called for the refund of the money spent on Pokemon Go while some others are compromising with searching an alternative way to retrieve the lost game process. While some gamers were seeking for a solution on social media and cautioning other players not to download the latest update.

“My Pokemon GO account was reset back to level 1. I was level 20. Is there any way to get my progress back?” Gustavo Flores Pokemon GO gamer wrote on social media. “After the update, my account resets to the beginning. I lost my Pokemon and all the money I put into this game,” complained another Pokemon GO user, Jenalee Soloman.

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Some users found a way to get back all the lost process by using an alternative email to sign in. One user suggested on the Twitter “Log out of Google in Safari on iOS and then log in again in Pokemon app. This will fix it.”

The game update removed the step counter which informs the player about the estimated distance from the nearby Pokemon. Earlier, players complained about that the feature was not working properly.

But now the developer completely removed the feature, and this left players furious as there is no clue exactly how far the nearby Pokemon is. Battery saver was disabled in this update, and this feature impressed the users by saving battery drain when walking, but this made screen unresponsive at times.

Finally, Pokemon GO fixed some of the problems and created a few. The new version also included cautions such as “do not drive” and “do not trespass” while playing Pokemon GO.


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