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Pokémon Go Still Not Available in India and China But Goes Live in More 15 Countries

Pokémon Go, since its release a month ago, hasn’t yet released all over the world officially. Pokemon Release happens on 6 July in limited countries and now has spread over to 15 more countries on 5 August officially mentioned in its tweet on Twitter. But not released in India, Korea and China.

The recent official launch in Fifteen countries viz., Papua, Cambodia, Indonesia, Federated States of Micronesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Brunei New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Laos, and Palau. Now you can go and download officially in Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Why this game left India and China where there is much more scope. Off course China recently released clone app which get top in China. The company crossed $200 million in global revenue in just after one month launch released by app analytics performer Sensor Tower.

Pokémon GO Clone app gets in the Top Charts in China

However, Niantic also failed up in their latest update that cleared all bug related issue, but the game is automatically resetting after the upgrade. Hoping, Niantic is busy in solving the bugs and finding a solution rather than releasing in countries like India and China.

Niantic says that the company is working on fixing the bugs and the issues. So, Pokemon Go app Launch in India and China is expected to release after fixing the bugs certainly.

Pokemon GO Game Update Leaves Users Angry as The Game Resets Automatically

Pokémon Go, the Augmented Reality (AR) Game receives critics as well applauses. We will give you more update on more releases or latest update on Pokemon Go.

Pokemon GO Game Update Leaves Users Angry as The Game Resets Automatically

Pokemon GO Game Update Resets Game Progress

New Pokemon GO Game Update left many fans in disbelief as the game resets to level one after installing the update. This new Augmented Reality game has been a boon for gamers since past three weeks.

All of sudden, gamers came to realise that all the process in the game were lost after the update installation. This new artificial intelligence AR game was released on July 6 and was a huge success with 9.5 million active users daily.

The game deals with finding fiction characters from real life locations. All the fans of Pokemon GO who installed the update later came to know that downloading the update has led the game resetting itself.

Pokémon Go Creator and CEO of Niantic John Hanke’s Twitter Account Hacked

So gamers called for the refund of the money spent on Pokemon Go while some others are compromising with searching an alternative way to retrieve the lost game process. While some gamers were seeking for a solution on social media and cautioning other players not to download the latest update.

“My Pokemon GO account was reset back to level 1. I was level 20. Is there any way to get my progress back?” Gustavo Flores Pokemon GO gamer wrote on social media. “After the update, my account resets to the beginning. I lost my Pokemon and all the money I put into this game,” complained another Pokemon GO user, Jenalee Soloman.

University Of Idaho in US Introduced ‘Pokémon Go’ Course For Students

Some users found a way to get back all the lost process by using an alternative email to sign in. One user suggested on the Twitter “Log out of Google in Safari on iOS and then log in again in Pokemon app. This will fix it.”

The game update removed the step counter which informs the player about the estimated distance from the nearby Pokemon. Earlier, players complained about that the feature was not working properly.

But now the developer completely removed the feature, and this left players furious as there is no clue exactly how far the nearby Pokemon is. Battery saver was disabled in this update, and this feature impressed the users by saving battery drain when walking, but this made screen unresponsive at times.

Finally, Pokemon GO fixed some of the problems and created a few. The new version also included cautions such as “do not drive” and “do not trespass” while playing Pokemon GO.

University Of Idaho in US Introduced ‘Pokémon Go’ Course For Students

The whole world talks about the recently released Pokémon Go game which gained popularity within a short span. The craze for this augmented reality game is going up day by day. Did you ever think of a mobile game that would be a part of varsity course? Yes, that’s true the most famous Pokémon Go can now earn course credits to university students in the US.

The University of Idaho (UI) in the Unites States now offers a new class which includes the top AR game Pokémon Go. Students should be thankful to the varsity that has introduced this course which would help then to get course credits easily. Students can earn course credits this fall when they opt the “Pop Culture Games” class and move around the campus in search of Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Snorlax and Pokeballs.

Pokemon Go Update: Here is The Latest Changes of AR game Update

University has introduced this physical activity class as it teaches students about leading active lifestyles, building teamwork and exploring their communities via games like Pokémon Go. The class also includes the live-action game Humans versus Zombies.

Students of the US University will help in arranging the Humans versus Zombie club’s annual competition in the campus. This massive and multiplayer annual event blends the elements of tag, hide-and-seek and other games. “I want it to be more than people going, ‘I am going to go catch a Pikachu,'” stated Steven Bird course instructor at UI.

How to download Pokemon Go download on IOS devices

“This app does more than let you shoot a Pokeball. You get to adventure around, seeing different things, being active, seeing the sun. It allows you to move in large groups and a team. You get not only physical activity, but you also get team-building and leadership,” added Bird.

According to Bird, Pokémon Go’s “clever technology and nostalgic content,” encourages the shy type of people who generally stay out of such outdoor organised events will make a move and socialise with other players of the game.

Pokemon Go Update: Here is The Latest Changes of AR game Update

Do You Know the Safety Changes of Pokemon Go Latest Update, It Provides in v0.31.0 for Android and v1.1.0 for iOS, Just Check out Here the Pokemon Go Update

Pokemon Go got the major latest update to fix all the previous bugs and an option to re-customize your avatar from the profile screen. The Pokemon Go got updated for both iOS and Android on Saturday. Pokemon Go Update focused on not to walk into dangerous places while playing the game.

Pokemon Go Recruitment: Are You the Pokemon Catcher, Then Here is the Job

What are the Major Changes Pokemon Go Update Got in iOS v1.1.0 and in Android Pokemon Go 0.31.0
Users can now update your Pokemon Go which adjusted some Pokemon battle move damage values and refined with Gym animations.  Now it’s your turn to discover Pikachu, Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise and capture the Pokemon all around. Be ready to explore the world with the new latest update of Pokemon.
  • You can re – customize avatars from the profile screen and made some adjustments to Pokemon battle move damage values.
  • Memory issues improved and fixed issues with displaying certain map features.
  • Removed footprints of nearby Pokemon
  • Bug fixation during wild Pokemon encounter
  • Updated Pokemon details User Interface

Pokemon Go Stopped in India:hinting the official release

If you walk around your neighbourhood, your Smartphone will vibrate when there is a Pokemon nearby where you have to stay alerted, or it will go away. The update also got the changeover in pokestops which are found at unusual places like museum, historical places to gather Poke Balls and other items.

How to download Pokemon Go download on IOS devices

To complete your Pokedex, you need to be able to catch powerful Pokemon. Be like a catcher, Hatcher, and evolving. This free to play AR (augmented reality) game offers in-game purchases also which optimized for all Smartphones (for Android 4.4 or more and iOS 8 or later) and compatibility is only for GPS and camera devices.

When I experienced the game for the first time, it was awesome to find and catch Pokemon. But it becomes dangerous for me tracking Pokemon without Pokemon Go Plus tracker. However, Niantic has given a fixation to the bugs and updated for both iOS and Android.

Pokemon Go Recruitment: Are You the Pokemon Catcher, Then Here is the Job for You

Pokemon Go Recruitment: Trends got changed, Here is a Job for Jobless; Eligibility Criteria is you should be “The Pokemon Catcher” or “The Pokemon Hunter”

Pokemon Go Recruitment: The most successful augmented reality mobile game “Pokemon Go” offers you a job. It is not a Hoax or so called prank.  It’s true, a Bangalore-based company, recently looking for professionals to work for their business. Being a Pokemon Go Hunter, you are eligible for getting the job.

Recently, a Bengaluru-based Babajob advertised a new Job category “The Pokemon Catcher.” Pokemon Go Recruitment Eligibility criteria.

  • Job Category: The Pokemon Catcher
  • Job Description: a vast knowledge of the Pokemon database and Physical fitness. It is a must as the role involves running around the town to catch them all
  • Job Analysis: candidate must be very skilled at training Pokemon and exposure to gym battles.

Pokemon Go, the augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic for both iOS and Android, which is released on July 6, 2016. The game Pokemon Go played by using GPS and camera of only compatible devices. The player needs to capture, battle and train virtual creatures called Pokemon.

A big fan of the game, Sean Blagsvedt, Founder and CEO, Babajob.com and Level 2 Pokémon Handler said, “Just as companies like Flipkart, Amazon, OLA and UBER transformed and greatly expanded the delivery and driver job categories, we see Pokémon Go doing the same for Catchers.”

“Babajob will be the premier portal for players everyone to hire screened, verified Pokémon Catchers. It’s a fantastic time,” he said. Now, the Pokemon Go mobile game fans can be an official Pokemon Catcher. Where the job portal has 7 million seekers and around 4, 00,000 employees.

Pokemon Go, the location-based augmented reality mobile game which uses GPS and camera was released with mixed reviews. The AR game downloaded by more than 40 million people in worldwide and Nintendo stock value a bit higher than normal.

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