There is the new update in the world famous game in the less time, Pokémon GO. The players who caught cheating will get a lifetime ban from the game. The change of the terms and conditions are released by Niantic telling that, now they can ban anyone from the game with no hope of ever having the reversing of the ban.

The Pokémon GO accounts which are banned are “permanently terminated” if the players are found trying to violate using the software for cheating or trying to hack the game by tricking the phone’s GPS making you are elsewhere.

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On using the Third party software which include the apps such as Pokevision, which helps Pokémon GO trainers to locate where Pokémon was laying until it voluntarily closed down. Similarly, other apps are still trying to get around the ban. To stop these mischievous acts from users, the recent update from Pokémon GO revised the terms and conditions, so some might undergo themselves with Ban for the lifetime unknowingly.

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Things the users have to avoid for not getting affected with the BAN.

  • Do not attempt to snipe Pokémon
  • Niantic can easily track the cheaters if they bot teleports across the world just to catch a Gyarados, Kanghaskan or a Mewtwo. In fact, this is one of the easiest ways to track the cheaters.
  • Use GPS spoofing slowly
  • Using the GPS spoofing and going too fast also raises some red flags for the users. The users who are using such apps are recommended to change the FAKE GPS application settings to normal modes and enjoy the natural walk to avoid getting a ban.
  • Try and take down Pokémon Gyms
  • One important thing is, most of Pokémon GO bots cannot do is to take over the Pokémon gyms.
  • At least once in a while, the players must try to battle at the gym for letting the Niantic know that the users are not using a bot.
  • We were hardly suggesting to avoid these kind of activities, once the account gets banned it cannot be revert. Niantic has come up with the strict move in the recent update. Enjoy Pokémon GO. Keep Playing.


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