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AmpMe Connects Android and iOS Devices to Play the Same Music on Multiple Devices


AmpMe is the Application, which lets you connect with your friends and create a portable sound system. No matter which device you are using, either Android or IOS this application allows you to connect any devices irrespective of the operating system.  AmpMe creates the massive, multi-speaker setup using just one phone in your pocket. Play the music on your phone and the music is perfectly sync across the multiple devices to create one massive sound system. So Party is ON everywhere and anywhere.

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This App is developed by the AmpMe Inc. Install the AmpMe Application from the Google Play store for the Android Users and Apple App store for the IOS users. After Installation connect with your friends and then sync the music. Yay! You are ready to party. You can also join a friend using the AmpMe application. The host can able to search for their best and favourite music on the phone. Once the music is on, friends can join the party. After joining the party, syncing starts automatically with your friends and their devices becomes speakers. This is compatible with the smartphones and tablets.

AmpMe raised $10 million series a funding and these funding were led by Relay Ventures. This funding includes different ventures like Investissement Quebec, Slaight Capital, OMERS Ventures, Anges Quebec Capital, and Real Ventures.

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“We’ve overwhelmingly positive about the future of AmpMe and our investors share our enthusiasm in wanting to help AmpMe become the most portable sound system in the world,” said CEO Marin-Luc Archambault.

AmpMe launched eight months ago with only fewer options. In the future updates, the application included with the third party applications access like YouTube, Soundcloud. Now users can have the vast collection of music from these resources and can play the desired music or video. AmpMe hits more than 2 million downloads.

Spotify Reaches To 100 Million Subscribers Since Launch of Apple Music Streaming

Spotify with 100 million subscribers

Spotify has now extended a faster growth in Music Streaming Service, although its rival company Apple launched it Stream Music in last June.

The company’s vice president Jonathan Forster says it has reached nearly 100 Million Subscribers on streaming Music. Spotify VP also said Reuters that the corporation has 30 Million ‘Premium’ users.

The Swedish company which found ten years ago is now getting close to 100 million users in 59 markets even with the increasing competition.

Apple Music includes new student membership and 50 percent discount

“It’s great that Apple is in the game. Just in case, we are raising the profile of Music Streaming. It is hard to build an industry on your own,” Jonathan Forster, a vice president and one of its first employees, told Reuters in an interview.

“Since Apple Music started we’ve been growing quicker and adding more users than before.”

“It would be terrible if we were just taking each other’s users or to learn there was just a ceiling of 100 million users – I don’t think that is the case,” said Forster, who had just returned to Stockholm from the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California.

Apple Music coming after a Reboot

Although Spotify has 30 million paying subscribers in just 59 markets making a mark in music streaming, whereas Apple Music has only 13 million paying subscribers over 100 countries.

And also, the Spotify faces competition from newer rivals apart from Apple, such as Pandora, SoundCloud, Jay Z’s Tidal in meanwhile Google’s YouTube and Play Music. Spotify VP also mentioned multiple streaming services wasn’t sustain in long run.

When Reuters ask on acquisition possibilities, Foster clearly said future purchase on similar scale depends on the recent deals whether to bring on new teams and Technology.

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“I wouldn’t be surprised to see Spotify continue to invest in areas that are relevant or adjacent to our business,” he said. Revenues will automatically come from subscription, but Spotify also hunts on concerts, merchandising and video, but we are not trying to be a Netflix.

Spotify launched on Monday a new video expressing the inclusion of video artist (behind the scenes).

When asked about acquisition target, VP told Spotify will always prefer to be “Spotify,” we are happy with what we are doing now. We have seen people are waked up on the opportunity on streaming which we believe this is just the beginning.


Apple Music includes new student membership and 50 percent discount

Apple music

Do you love to listen to Apple Music, isn’t it? Yes, but not affordable to spend $9.99/ month. Ok, don’t worry Apple is serving Music for just half of its price, only if you are a Student.

Probably, Apple is trying to defeat its competitor Spotify, SoundCloud, Tidal and others. Earlier in this week, Apple launched a new plan to subscribe to boost to its streaming music services. Get ready folks enjoy Apple Music services to half of its price only if you are a student.

Apple is introducing a student plan in this summer which will discount you by 50 percent for those who got enrolled in college or university.

Apple iTunes cutting off Allowances Program for Kids by May 25, 2016

Whereas in U.S., individual membership to Apple costs to $9.99/ month, family plan to six members costs $14.99/ month (whereas Spotify allows only two users to share an account). But if you are a student from eligible College or University you can get it for just $4.99/ month.

This student membership is not only for U.S., but also to all other countries including Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Australia, U.K, and Denmark can also avail the advantage of student membership option.

Apple Music coming after a Reboot

Nevertheless, the student offers $4.99/ month is not for all the countries as the price slightly makes a difference. So, irrespective of the amount you can avail 50 percent discount on the standard subscription price.

Does the Student Membership have any Tenure?

Yes, it is available for consecutive four years following your signup and thus no need for continuity. In other words, if you have breaks in a semester though you can still sign up for a student membership when you returned to school.

Whomsoever, attending college or university, regardless of degree can avail this option from Apple student group. Students who are new or existing subscribers can start from May 6th onwards. Change the membership option and signup and enjoy regardless.

New Safari app from Apple

The Apple Company also work on a student verification tech provider, UNiDAY, to make sure that those who sign up as the student enrolled in college or university. The company recently stated that it has 13 million subscribers earlier in this year.

In general, Apple also provides student membership to its Hardware with a valid student ID card.

Apple Music coming after a Reboot

Apple music

Apple launched its music subscription named Apple Music service in June 2015.The company had also owned Beats music to increase the quality of the music. The music service came up with many features including 24×7 beats radio station, playlists, offline mode, 30 million songs library and the option to link with existing iTunes. It also offered a three-month free trial followed by paid subscription.

It had not gone very successful and got a mixed response from the users. Many of the subscribers had opined that the music app is lacking the hallmark of great Apple products. The major drawbacks of the music app are the complicated user interface and the linking of the new iTunes library to the existing one.

Apple iTunes cutting off Allowances Program for Kids by May 25, 2016

The drawbacks may be a result of the cultural clash between the current employees and the Beats music crew. Many of the Staff had left Apple due to some reasons which partially stopped the Tech giant to reach its goal of becoming the world leader in music services.

Apple is reportedly planning some significant changes in the user interface by redesigning and taking possible steps to make it user-friendly. The updated version may include some special features like publishing lyrics along with the song and gave a bolder theme. Apple is in talks with the music publishers about the same.

New Safari app from Apple

The newer version of Apple music would be bolder text, black and white styles replacing the existing colour look. The updated edition would also be featuring with 3D integration which gives users short previews and the option of easy sharing with others.

Apart from all these inclusions, the Tech giant is also planning to extend its Radio services in the revamped edition. According to the reports, Apple would be launching a beta version of new Apple music available for developers and users. The full version would be rolled out soon along with the release of IOS 10 at Worldwide Developers Conference.

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According to latest numbers, Apple music has 13 million paid subscribers’ stands next to Spotify having over 30 million paying users. Apple wants to be the forefront leader with its newer version of Apple Music.

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