Nathan heart surgery

A nine months old baby boy in London was born with a hole in the heart. Nathan Byrne has faced certain death and has survived in a Marathon Surgery for which his heart was stopped for 15 hours.

Without this surgery, he may not have lived beyond six months. Surgeons informed his mother, Lesley Condie and Father David Byrne, that Nathan would be in surgery for seven hours, but due to some complications the procedure take more than double that time.

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A remarkable fight for life followed myriad difficulties but the baby, who spent time on a life support machine, has amazed medics and his family.Nathan mom, Lesley stated “To look at him, you would never know what he’s been through. He has so much energy and never stops smiling. It is amazing he still does that, considering all that he has been through.”

Nathan suffers from a rare condition called tetralogy of Fallot that also causes a narrowing of the pulmonary artery.Whenever, doctors tried to take the tot, then the three-and-a- half-months-old, off the machine that kept him alive during the surgery heart and lungs stopped working.

Nathan-Byrne heart surgery

To increase the chance to his organs, Nathan was attached to a machine that circulated his blood outside of his body.Nathan had suffered from blood clots in his brain, which later led to many seizures that last for about four hours and 45- minutes.

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When Nathan was taken to the surgery, he was so ill. After 11 days, on Mother’s Day, Lesley had finally took her baby in her arms. Of about seven days his chest was open as his heart was swollen.

Eventually, it took nearly three months for Nathan, to return to his family and home.Lesley, from Lanarkshire, Scotland, said: “For six or seven weeks, we couldn’t see an end to it. Then one morning we came in and he just looked different. He still had the ventilator taped to his mouth.”


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