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Pokémon Go Tips, Tricks and Cheats to Catch ‘em All

Pokémon Go! Pokémon Go! And Pokémon Go!

Yes, it is all about the latest augmented reality game, Pokémon Go which has created a fantastic record in the gaming industry and made Pokémon lovers go crazy with its advanced features. Just within few days from its release in the US, the game has nabbed millions of players.

The game developer, Niantic and the Pokémon Company have worked together to add kind of interesting features to the game like an Easter egg and it is made possible for the players to have the yellow Electric-type Pokémon, Pikachu at the beginning. Most of the players have no idea about this hidden starter. So, we are here with few impressive Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks that will definitely help you to level up in the game.

Best Tips and Tricks to Play Pokémon Go

  • Catch Your Favorite Pikachu At the Start 

As soon as you sign up for Pokémon Go from your iOS or Android phone, you will have a choice of three Pokémon to catch. Now, if you are excited to have the yellow electric Pokémon, Pikachu at the start, you need to ignore all the three. And then when you move away from the three for more than three times, Pikachu will ultimately appear around you as a reward.

  • Get Free Poke Balls

Every player is credited with 50 poke balls initially, which will soon finish up. What will you do now? Don’t worry, we have found a way to get free balls. All you need to do is visit PokeStop, as it offers free items for each visit and if you are fortune enough you might get poke balls here. Additionally, whenever you reach a new level in the game, you get free Poke Balls.

  • Get Back Your Missed Poke ball

I knew that you are a good player and can never miss your target! But if at all you have lost the targeted Pokémon, recover the Poke ball. You can get back a ball just by tapping on the rolling ball so, that you do not run out of balls though you miss the Pokémon.

How to Play Pokémon Go: Complete Beginners Guide

  • Get Bonus And Extra XP

While you swipe a ball from the bottom of the screen to catch a Pokémon, just rotate the poke ball for extra XP and bonus spin.

  • Check out the PokeStops

Get more out of PokeStops by sticking around them. For every five minutes, PokeStops are known to reset and when reset they turn to blue colour from purple. You can then go and collect the free items from the PokeStops.

  • Not interested in Capturing Duplicate Pokémon?

You should know something about the duplicate Pokémon - that they also have various attack moves and combat power stats. So, never miss a chance to capture the duplicate ones hovering around you.


  • A Low-End Pokémon To Professor

Capture them all, yes they mean it- So, try to catch all the low-end Pokémons like Pidgey, Caterpie, Weedle, Zubat, Ratata which can be later moved to Professor who give bonus candies to players. These candies will help Pokémon to evolve at top levels.

Pokémon GO Servers Attacked: OurMine Takes Credit For Bringing Down Servers

  • Use “Nearby” Feature to track Pokémon.

Use “nearby” feature in the game, which helps you to find out the nearest Pokémon. The Pokémon shown with three footprints is at a distance and the one shown with one step footprint is nearest one. You need to walk till you see it at one footprint distance.

  •  Turn off the ‘AR.’

When you try to capture the Pokémon make sure you turn off the ‘AR’ mode which helps you to save your battery life and also makes it easy for you to capture the Pokémon. When you turn off the AR mode, the Pokémon appears exactly at the center in front of you.

  • Colours of the rings around your Pokémon

You find rings around your Pokémon when you try to capture them. The color of the ring indicates the difficulty in capturing the hovering Pokémon. Try to catch the Pokémon based upon the colour of the ring. Green states that it is easy to catch, Yellow a bit tricky, Orange is harder than Yellow, and Red is damn difficult.

  • Pink flowers at PokeStops

You will find Pink flowers near the PokeStops - it is just an item which you can collect in the game. These pink flowers will help you to attract the wild Pokémon. The effect of the flowers will last only for 30 minutes.

  •  Hidden Pokémon?

If you come across a grass rumbling you should move there immediately, as there is a possibility of finding hidden Pokémon.

Pokémon GO Clone app gets in the Top Charts in China

  • Rename Pokémon duplicates

You can rename your duplicate Pokémon to avoid confusion in the game. With this option, you can manage the collection of Pokémon.

  • Evolving tips bonus XP

Evolving a single Pokémon will provide you with an additional 500XP. So, apart from CP you can also get XP

  • Eggs hatch when you walk

The collected Pokémon Eggs hatch when you walk, so it’s now an end for your laziness. Haha! Yes, the game uses your phone GPS to track the distance you walk and you cannot do this if you ride your bike or move out in a car.

  • Use Easter Egg to double XP

The player can use the Easter eggs to double the XP but think twice before you use up these lucky eggs. Make use of them during critical times in the game.

  • Know the Strength of a Pokémon type

Know the strength of your Pokémon. Not every Pokémon is capable of battling the other type of Pokémon. Few Pokémon are vulnerable than other Pokémon types. For instance Bug type Pokémon is not strong to battle Flying, Fire, Poison, Fighting, Steel, and Fury Pokémon. They are more potent against Grass, Dark and Psychic Pokémon.

  • Get Rewarded For Keeping Your Pokémon in Gym

If you manage to put your Pokémon in Gym for 21 hours, you will be tipped with 10 PokeCoins and 500 Stardust for each Pokémon. The reward is only for 10 Gyms, which means you can only earn up to 100 Pokecoins and 5000 Stardust. Use Stardust and candies to power up your Pokémon.

  • Attack Move

Know how to attack the enemy Pokémon. Be selective about your attack moves as special attacks drain your power points. A single tap on a Pokémon it will attack in a normal way. But if you long press and hold on to the enemy then your Pokémon will release a special attack.

  • How to Escape from a ‘Rival Pokémon’?

Whenever a rival Pokémon is attacking, you have to sidestep to save your Pokémon. All you need to do is swipe right or left on your phone screen to escape from the rival moves.

How to Play Pokémon Go: Complete Beginners Guide

Pokémon Go has been already launched, and lots of players are hunting down Pokémon. If you are not yet started and looking for How to play Pokémon Go, we are here to teach you a lot about its mechanics, basics and other aspects of this game.

A complete Pokémon Go Beginners Guide is here for you to enjoy your Pokémon experience.It is an “Augmented Reality” mobile game which allows you to interact with your neighbourhood to catch Pokémon.

The primary focus of this game is to catch Pokémon, and there are other goals like visiting Poke-stops and Gyms, catching eggs, strengthening and evolving your Pokémon.

Pokemon Go: How to Install Game On iOS and Android Devices

The first step to playing Pokémon is, you’ll need to install Pokémon Go app in your mobile. The app is available on iOS and Android in US, New Zealand and Australia. Soon it will be released in other countries too.  The detail process of How to play Pokémon for beginners is stated clearly below.

Soon after the starting the game Pokémon is available in various regions based on game’s GPS map. If a new Pokémon is nearby, your phone will buzz.While catching the Pokémon, you can activate AR to see the Pokémon in real life. At the bottom part of the screen, Pole ball is placed, just press and hold on the Poke Ball.

To capture the Pokémon, just tap the Pokémon, a ring will appear around your character, and it displays your range, you can only interact with Pokémon and objects within this circular area. Different colours will seem to show how hard is to catch a Pokémon(red is hard and green is easy).

Pokemon go apk latest version android free download

You have to hold and throw the ball as the circle gets smaller. If you hit the target, the chance of capturing Pokémon is high. You don’t have to sit in one place; you have to explore to catch the other Pokémon. You can choose your first Pokémon between Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander. Depending on your region, the type of Pokémon you find will change.

Poke-stops is a landmark you can go and pick items and experience.These are usually parks, churches, historical landmarks, and other famous places. To get an item, you have to visit Pokestops ad they look like cubes, once you get close to Pokestops, it changes its shape from a cube to a Pokeball shape.

The item you get in those Pokestops are eggs, potions, Pokeballs and revives. To get items in the Pokestops, click on the item swipe the circle inside it and receive your items, it is possible once you get close enough to Pokestops. After getting the items, you get 50 experiences, and it will turn pink.

Catching Pokémon, visiting Pokestops and fighting at the gym will level up your character. A gift item will be rewarded when reaching a new level. Once you reach the level 5 you have the opportunity to battle with other trainers in gyms. You have the chance to choose one among the three color-coded factions viz., Yellow Team Instinct, Red Team Valor and Blue Team Mystic.

Pokemon Go rolls out for iOS and Android only in selected regions

Gyms are the places to train your Pokémon or battle other Pokémon. You have to travel to the gym in real life. If the gym is in your faction, you have to select a single Pokémon and train your Pokémon there; it will level up the prestige points and help you to earn a Pokémon. If you encounter a gym with a different faction, you have to battle for control over the gym.

To battle with other Pokémon, you can tap to attack and swipe left and right to dodge your enemy Pokémon. The special attack is possible once your special meter is full. You can press and hold to use your special attack. The battle will continue until your Pokémon has fainted. To heal your Pokémon, you can use potions and revives, which you can get from visiting Pokestops. Once you win the battle, and you want to claim the gym for your team, you have to leave one of your Pokémon behind to garden.

Check Twice Before You Download Pokémon Go App: Fake Apps On Google Play Store Can Ruin Your Smartphone

According to reports, a few malicious Pokémon Go apps invaded the Google Play Store, which can infect your smartphone when downloaded. The wildly popular Nintendo’s augmented reality game; Pokémon Go is now available for download in most of the countries of the world.

But we already have reports about the Pokémon Go fake apps. So, be cautious of the fake apps that can freeze your smartphone or redirect you to porn sites.

Lukáš Štefanko, a malware researcher at a Software Security Company, called ESET said that a fake gaming app named “Pokémon Go Ultimate,” is the first lock screen app to enter the Google Play store.

Pokémon GO Clone app gets in the Top Charts in China

According to the blog post of the company the app was used between 500-1000 times before it was taken out of the store. A report published in Fortune explains that when the fake app is downloaded and run on the smartphone, it is installed as “PI Network,” instead of Pokémon Go.

The reports also state that the one who run the fake apps would sight their phone frozen, and it might eventually force to restart the device by removing the battery. After rebooting the smartphone, the PI Network app disappears but in fact the app runs in the background and can pop up fake ad clicks. If you or any known person is already struggling with such issue, you can uninstall the app from the device application manager.

Pokemon go apk latest version android free download

ESET has also found many malicious apps on the store that are closely related with the augmented game Pokémon Go. Such fake apps include “Install Pokémon go” and “Guide & Cheats for Pokémon Go.” These apps attract gamers with free in-app items such as Poke coins, Poke balls or Lucky Eggs. The reality is that it is a trick to mislead the “user into subscribing to expensive bogus services.”

“Every time the user presses the ‘Back’ button, new scare ware pop-ups and advertisements appear,” added Štefanko in the post. “The only way to get rid of them is double-clicking on the ‘Back’ button.”

So, the suggestion is users have to check the details of the publishers, developers, reviews and the number of downloads of the application before downloading it from the store.

Google is Aiming for the High-End Headsets to Compete with Oculus Rift and Vive

As per the recent reports Google has shut down their internal project to work the future Virtual Reality Headsets, and aiming to develop the high-end standalone VR headset devices like Facebook’s Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

The sources mentioned to the spokesperson of the Engadget that the company is moving forward to design the dedicated VR headset where there is no need of the mobile phone or any computer for making it functioning. In this Google Project, the VR headset will have the screen which features in more augmented reality.

The dimensions and the design of this future Google’s headset are yet to know. The technical experts are mentioning that this headset is going to look closer to the Microsoft’s Hololens or something like the Oculus Rift.

Nvidia launches very first own VR game Fun House through Steam

According to the website Recode, This upcoming Google project is designed to compete with the current standalone gaming VR devices. Apart from this company is developing other hardware projects were in the development.

Already Google is having their determined plans for the Virtual Reality. Earlier in this year, Google has unveiled their project called Day Dream which is an Android-based VR platform which built on the successes of the Google cardboard. The ideology of the company is different and having the long-term plans which move beyond the Android-powered experiences including the solid hardware.

Google has worked on the AR (Augmented Reality) in other areas; it has backed the Florida-based Magic Leap which is the company that creates the “Mixed reality” technology and includes their very own headset.

Google is working on a VR-friendly version of Chrome for Android

After the success of the Pokémon Go in the previous week, there is believe that the public is having the great interest in the Augmented Reality and the future of Augmented Reality. With this technology, updates are going to change the complete phase of the Augmented Reality.

‘Pokemon Go’ rolls out for iOS and Android only in selected regions

Pokemon Go, famous Augmented Reality game is back in action and is available for download and play in selected countries. The video game comes from the Nintendo electronics company and was developed by Niantic Labs.

The game had recently undergone beta testing, and the official version of the game is ready to roll out on iOS and Android devices in some regions. Currently, the game was made available to the iPhone users in Australia and New Zealand.

Pokemon Go will be available in July along with wrist wearable called Go Plus

Present the much-waited AR game was made available for Android users downloadable at Google Play store in North America. The much-anticipated game is free to play with micro-transactions. To play Pokemon Go without unlocking the smartphone, one needs to buy a $35 accessory.

The accessory alerts the users via vibration and light signals, whenever a Pokemon is near to the player. The user needs to catch the creature by throwing the ball and by pressing a catch button on the device. Different light signals would appear resembling the successful capturing of the creature or for an failed attempt.

Everyone goes crazy about the Pokémon battle games, and the new Augmented Reality Pokemon Go game uses a smartphone to bring Pokemon characters and Pokemon battles into real life locations and other landmarks in cities.

The game is much similar to the Ingress, a flagship game from the Niantic labs where two teams battle up against each other

Nintendo’s new game ‘Ever Oasis’ for 3DS launched at E3 2016

Nintendo and The Pokémon Company had hinted about the release date of the Augmented Reality game during this year’s E3 live stream event. They indicated that it would be officially released in the month of July.

The public beta testing period of the game had ended on 30th June. The current announcement may thrill the game lovers who are eagerly waiting for experiencing the game in AR mode.

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