As per the recent reports Google has shut down their internal project to work the future Virtual Reality Headsets, and aiming to develop the high-end standalone VR headset devices like Facebook’s Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

The sources mentioned to the spokesperson of the Engadget that the company is moving forward to design the dedicated VR headset where there is no need of the mobile phone or any computer for making it functioning. In this Google Project, the VR headset will have the screen which features in more augmented reality.

The dimensions and the design of this future Google’s headset are yet to know. The technical experts are mentioning that this headset is going to look closer to the Microsoft’s Hololens or something like the Oculus Rift.

Nvidia launches very first own VR game Fun House through Steam

According to the website Recode, This upcoming Google project is designed to compete with the current standalone gaming VR devices. Apart from this company is developing other hardware projects were in the development.

Already Google is having their determined plans for the Virtual Reality. Earlier in this year, Google has unveiled their project called Day Dream which is an Android-based VR platform which built on the successes of the Google cardboard. The ideology of the company is different and having the long-term plans which move beyond the Android-powered experiences including the solid hardware.

Google has worked on the AR (Augmented Reality) in other areas; it has backed the Florida-based Magic Leap which is the company that creates the “Mixed reality” technology and includes their very own headset.

Google is working on a VR-friendly version of Chrome for Android

After the success of the Pokémon Go in the previous week, there is believe that the public is having the great interest in the Augmented Reality and the future of Augmented Reality. With this technology, updates are going to change the complete phase of the Augmented Reality.


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