Shopping is the term we all get excited for, though it is tiring we love shopping. We would have never imagined such a thing called Virtual Reality shopping, where one can sit at home and purchase things they like. A recent news stunned everyone, where an employee of Sharp Corporation designed a virtual reality system that allows a customer to shop sitting at home.

Sharp is a Japanese Multinational Corporation that have expertise in designing and manufacturing electronic products. It has been 105 years, of the company in the industry. With all advanced and well equipped products, it is the most trusted among other industrial brands.

The system will allow the customers to experience, the feel of shopping without leaving home, the company is focusing on developing the system by using Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality that will help the customers feel that they are right inside shop. The system will be launched with full specification in the year 2020.

Well, it looks like a long wait, with everyday advancement in technology, this came to our expectations, when such systems are released in market, there are lot of competitions striking back with force, it will be a must watch competition with all other technology sectors joining the race.

The world is improving from 3G, 4G and now to 5G, so fast is the pace of competition. The project will be handled by “Team S”. Akira Takashima, president of team S, said, “The system will allow consumers to virtually drop in at shops and buy goods they choose. By using VR, 5G and AI, we’d like to create a next-generation online shopping platform.”

The system will allow customers to virtually order products and communicate effectively by installing several cameras in the store. After wearing the goggles, they will be allowed to see the store in a 3D format and can place their order verbally and get it delivered.

The company is all set to conduct its first verification test on July 25, along with participation of some local shops. After, its successful verification the complete version will be launched in 2020. Are you excited to experience this yet? Let us know in the comments below.


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