Chinese Tech Giant Baidu, which is a well known Chinese search engine and provider of other digital services and products has announced that they will be bringing up the artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine Learning in the prevalent business sectors.  Since, China has two times more population than US has , so banking upon that,and simultaneously using the data from the 731 million internet users, Baidu can get a lot of useful information to improve the algorithm of their tools.

While the company is majorly focussed on AI and machine Learning,  Baidu is planning to implement the technology in their office and currently makes use of the facial recognition technology to avoid using standard ID cards along with this, people can order tea from the vending machine just by the machine detecting the face.

In Jan’2017, Baidu recruited one of the top AI expert Lu Qi as their  COO, Lu Qi was previously working as a Microsoft executive. Even though he didn’t stay in company for long, he made a clear strategy for the companies AI operations for future.

The Top Ways in which Baidu is incor machine Learning and AI

  1. Voice Assistant-  DuerOS

Baidu’s voice assistant, DuerOS uses all the resources available through its search engines making it better at conversational skills as compared to Siri, Alexa and Cortana. To improve their stance in the innovation sector, Baidu aims at partnering with other tech companies. They have already implemented DuerOS on many devices by collaborating with almost 130 partners for TV, refrigerators, and speakers where the technology can be implemented for better usage. Since, Alexa, Echo, and Cortana are designed only according to American households so DuerOS has more chances of globalization in India, Japan, Europe, and Brazil as these households are somewhat similar to China. Baidu at CES 2018 debuted its Little Fish VS1 which is a DuerOS powered Smart Screen which can recognize and respond to many individual faces.  

  1. Mobile partners

In the present world AI plays a major role, hence it is obvious that AI  has been opted to be one of the core key players in driving the innovation from the company’s perspective. Baidu and Huawei are in the talks to partner  to develop an open mobile platform for AI to support its Ai powered Qualcomm processors and smart phones, to optimize the DuerOS for all the IoT devices in existence.

  1. Self driving cars

Even though automatic cars are banned in China, under a program called Apollo, Baidu is giving it’s  AI technology to car manufacturers in exchange of data to improve their AI algorithm.

  1. Medical Sector

By applying the Deep learning based algorithm doctors can detect even the minutest of cancer cells. This algorithm has reduced the number of false positives and better tumor detection. Computer vision to detect medical issues is best way of AI application.

With the governments and citizens support  Baidu might achieve its goal of proper AI algorithm much early for a long-term success. What do you think about the company’s perspective? Let us know in the comments down below!


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