Rahul Gandhi Visits Silicon Valley

Indian National Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi headed to the US to meet the pioneers of research on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Mr. Gandhi has recently returned from Norway and is now gearing up to visit Silicon Valley in the US this time. The closest party sources say that the Rahul Gandhi Visits Silicon Valley to expand his thoughts about artificial intelligence.

Rahul Gandhi desires India to lead in the science which machines think like humans. The Niche is at the very beginning state and comes after IT development in India which has already gained global recognition. While AI is in emerging state in India, many countries like China are investing to strengthen the research on it.

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A senior Congress leader said that the idea behind Rahul Gandhi Visits Silicon Valley is to implement AI in the Congress party’s vision documents.

The INC Vice President met leaders in the field of biotechnology back in his visit to Norway. The party’s sliding electoral graph is to be monitored after a series of defeats. Also, the party is set to lose Himachal Pradesh to the BJP in the upcoming state assembly poll. anti-incumbency

The party is sliding down by sentiments and is in fighting the state elections of Himachal Pradesh. While the Gujarat elections preparations are gearing up for later this year, former chief minister Shankarsinh Vaghela walked out of the Congress.

Also, the Congress Vice President will also address a conference ‘India At 70: Reflections On The Path Forward’ at the University of California, Berkeley, on September 11. The National party believes Rahul Gandhi Visit to Silicon Valley will bring the technological enhancements to the party vision.

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