Imagine an app for kiddos!!! Ahead of Children’s day, Google-owned YouTube has launched the fantastic YouTube Kids TV app in India.  This app is free and standalone app which features the content uniquely customized for cute little ones and can be downloaded in India from Google Play Store and App Store.

“YouTube Kids comes to India at an excellent time for millions of Indian families, as it provides children access to content that will enrich their lives and create new opportunities for learning,” Malik Ducard, YouTube’s Global Head of Family and learning, said in a statement.

“India already has a very distinct and rapidly-growing creator base for kids and learning, with content in this category growing 100 percent year over year,” Ducard added.

To make easy for the today’s tech-intelligent kids, to find videos and on topics, they want to explore, YouTube has launched this YouTube Kids app on Wednesday. It sounds cool right!!! With its playful design, bold icons and large images, YouTube makes easier for kiddos to select what they are interested in watching.

YouTube Kids app Video

The YouTube Kids app also contains a unique feature, i.e., voice search which let children find videos when they cannot spell or type a word. This Kids app consists of so many learning shows such as

  • ChuChu TV and Kids TV
  • A new season of ‘Cat and Keet.’
  • Popular Chase comedy show by Toonz Animation
  • Gummy bear song in Hindi
  • New season of Appu-The Yogic Elephant
  • Little Krishna
  • Rhymes videos and much more

The company has roped the top creators from India to create a new platform through YouTube Kids app for curious little minds.

Parental Controls

  • Parents have to learn how the app works first. They have to follow the on-screen instructions to search a video to play. The videos that are available in the YouTube Kids app are family-friendly and hence when you find a video that you are concerned just flag it. So that will help your kids to view.
  • This app is embedded with another useful option, i.e., search choice. You can turn on search option if you want to explore your kid through some family-friendly videos
  • And also disable the search option if you want to restrict your child to a limited set of videos.
  • YouTube Kids app embedded with inbuilt timer option, which alerts the child when the session is over.
  • There is a choice to turn off the background music and sound effects if you need little peace and quiet.
  • Parents have an ability to set a passcode for the app to access settings and other parental information in the app.

You can also watch the YouTube Kids on your big screen using Chromecast, Smart TV, Apple TV and game consoles. It is made available to download in Google Play Store and App Store. It was a fantastic app to create new opportunities for learning to precious kids. Here we are wishing#Happy Children’s Day.

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